Printable January 2023 Calendar

January 2023 Printable Calendar

January is here! The month when everything feels fresh and new, and opportunities are endless.

In our opinion, January is one of the most exciting months to plan out your next 31 days, your year, and life in general.

However, if you’re reading this article and it’s not January, don’t be discouraged! Any month is a good month to start, so go ahead and pick one of our monthly calendars, for example, November and December calendars are our absolute hits. A lot needs to be done towards the end of the year, and what better way to complete everything than with the help of a printable calendar?

Also, make sure you check out February 2023 or March 2023 to keep up with the good work once January’s motivation wears off.

Free blank January 2023 monthly calendar templates

Pick a free calendar template from the multiple styles available. Choose between landscape or portrait orientation, and hang it up on the wall by your desk or anywhere you will see it on a daily basis. For long-term work planning, work management systems and remote team software also come in handy.

Free printable january 2023 calendar from Sunday
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January 2023 Calendar from Sunday Preview
Download in PNG PDF
Free Printable January 2023 Calendar Preview
Download in PNG PDF
January 2023 Calendar Preview
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In fact, don’t limit yourself to a single calendar template. You can download as many as you’d like and use them for different purposes (although we recommend keeping the number of calendars to the minimum to ensure you stay on top of all tasks, commitments, etc).

Boost the start of your 2023 with the Bordio online calendar

You are considering one of our free printable calendars, so you are already on the right path to having an amazing year. Want to make it even more magical? Use a digital task planner online to make the most of the next 12 months.

The online calendar planner by Bordio is a great choice because:

  • You can take it with you anywhere and stay organized and productive no matter the circumstances.
  • Get digital reminders for events and deadlines in addition to having them lined out on the printed calendar.
  • It’s much easier to share your plans and tasks with someone when they’re digitalized.
  • Have a single online to-do list in front of you at all times, so you won’t need to write down your thoughts on random pieces of paper.
  • Bordio includes a detailed daily planner that would be hard to fit into the printable January 2023 calendar.

January 2023 Calendar

As a Bordio user, you will be able to:

  • Schedule tasks and events with unlimited notifications in your time management program.
  • Create time estimates for tasks to plan ahead.
  • Set time blocks in the calendar to ensure tasks get done.
  • Assign different colors to different activity types.
  • Add tasks to the waiting list and schedule them later.

Horizontal January 2023 calendar templates

Pick one of the horizontal calendars that the Bordio team designed.

Printable calendar January 2023 Sunday Preview
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January 2023 Free Calendar for print Sunday
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Printable Calendar January 2023
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January 2023 Free Calendar for print
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The history of January

Did you know that January didn’t exist as a month in the past? The original Roman calendar had 10 months, with January and February absent from the calendar. At some point, January was introduced as the tenth month of the year, and, eventually, it became the start of the year around 450 BCE.

The word “January” comes from the Roman God of Doors – Janus.

Cute January 2023 Calendar for free

Free Printable Calendar January 2023 Download
Download in PNG PDF
Free Printable Calendar January 2023 Download
Download in PNG PDF

How to use your January 2023 printable calendar

There are many ways you can utilize printable January calendars.

You can use it to log important dates, such as an event calendar, student calendar, or holiday calendar. In the US, for example, there are two major holidays in January: New Year’s day on the first of January, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day on the third Monday of January.

We would recommend dedicating it to working on your newly set goals and New Year resolutions.

New Year resolutions ideas

January 2023 calendar is perfect for integrating your New Year resolutions. While those yearly targets are individual and should be tailored to your specific situation, a little inspiration wouldn’t hurt, don’t you think?

Here are ideas to get your thinking process started:

  • Changing nutrition habits.
  • Adapting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Quitting bad habits.
  • Building new good habits.
  • Running a marathon in the new city.
  • Learning a new language.
  • Changing career or getting promoted.
  • Continuing or getting an education.
  • Traveling to the dream location.
  • Charity or volunteering goal.

Making your New Year resolutions stick

You know how it goes. You wake up super motivated on January, 1 and decide to change your life for the better. You write a list of things you want to do and start working on them. Then a month goes by, and by the middle of February, you are already slacking and not so excited about the plans you set just recently.

We’ve all been there! Here are a few tips on making sure the pattern doesn’t repeat this year:

  • Make sure the resolutions are yours and you are not being influenced by the people you know, celebrities, or trends.
  • Make your resolutions specific. Eating healthy sounds great, but what does it mean and how can one measure it? Change it to eating healthy 80% of the time or eating healthy on weekdays.
  • Set quarterly sub-goals to keep you motivated. A quarter is a much shorter period than a year, and you are more likely to stay fired up about something for three months than for twelve.
  • Take it easy and start with small steps. Don’t be that guy who buys a gym membership, goes to work out seven days a week for a month, and then disappears never to be seen again. Slow and steady wins the race.

Planning the month with your printable January calendar

There is no right or wrong way to plan the month with your January 2023 calendar.

However, here are a few tips for you.

Don’t wait

Get started as early in the month as you can. The sooner you have the plan figured out, the more you’ll be able to accomplish during the month.

Select the important stuff

Think of the key milestones and achievements that have to happen during January and what the deadline is for them. Put those on the calendar for future reference.

Keep it tidy

Don’t clutter the calendar too much. Keep minor events and reminders off the printable January calendar. Bordio is perfect for that, so make sure you log all the bits and bobs there instead.

If you have too much on the printed calendar, it just starts to look messy and unreadable. And when that happens, you start ignoring it and not using this powerful instrument.

Go back to the calendar regularly

Ideally, check your monthly calendar every day. You don’t have to study it meticulously, but having a quick peek every once in a while will help you stay on top of your goals and make the most of the time you have.

Add week numbers

A month can go by very quickly. To help slow down, and to make you more productive, add week numbers to the printable January 2023 calendar.

With this trick, you can combine a monthly and a weekly planner in one monthly calendar and track your progress on a weekly basis, instead of waiting for the end of the month. This gives you more room to catch up if you’ve had a bad few days.

Review and learn from previous months

Mastering the printable calendar takes time. As you start the new month, look back at the previous one to see what worked and what didn’t.

If you spot important tasks that you’ve missed or not finished, incorporate them into your free January calendars to catch up.