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Bordio’s online to-do list is a simple yet versatile solution for all your planning and productivity needs. Create tasks and events, track your workload, and make your dreams come to life.

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To-do list calendar
To-do list calendar
To-do list calendar
To-do list calendar
To-do list calendar
To-do list online
To-do list online
To-do list online
To-do list online
To-do list online
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To-do list board
To-do list board
To-do list board
To-do list board
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Bordio all projects
Bordio all projects
Bordio all projects
Bordio all projects
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How does our to-do list work?
Bordio’s online to-do list explained in 2 minutes
planning your to-do list

Change planning from a chore to something you look forward to

Planning does not have to be boring and tiresome. With Bordio’s online to-do list app, you skip all the mundane parts and focus on what’s important.

Simplistic design helps you interact with the task tracker easily. All the key features that you’d expect in the productivity solution are there, and all the annoying patterns are out. Nothing distracts you from creating the best to-do list that empowers you to achieve your goals.

enhance productivity level

Enhance your productivity with a free online to-do list

Being productive is not a talent, it’s a skill. And the skill gets better with the right tools, such as Bordio’s online to-do list app.

Our online daily planner encourages you to focus on key priority tasks while simultaneously keeping track of the smaller, day-to-day yet necessary things. A wide range of task management features available to users makes the product flexible and guarantees that everyone can work with it efficiently, regardless of their approach to task management.


Stop wasting time with multiple to-do lists

Have all your tasks and events in a single online to-do list app and work with them efficiently. Having multiple to-dos across different notebooks and task planners only makes you confused, increasing the risk of forgetting about part of the work you need to do. With several lists to check out, you are less organized and more prone to procrastination.

You don’t need a separate task management tool for each area of your life. Manage personal tasks together with professional to-dos in a free online to-do list by Bordio and achieve more.

recurring tasks and events

Set recurring tasks to make your life easier

There is no need for you to waste precious time on creating the same tasks and events, or using the task roll-over functionality if these commitments repeat within specific time periods.

Instead, create recurring events in your schedule planner and set them to repeat every day, week, month, or year. And you can also set tasks and events to repeat every workday (Monday through Friday) for as many weeks as you need. Recurring to-dos management may seem like a small deal, but focusing on repeating tasks creates needless distractions and reduces your focus on the main work.

track tasks deadlines

Track how many days you have left until the deadline

If you specify the deadline when creating a task, you will be able to go to the week’s overview and see how many days there are left until the task is due. Knowing how much time you have left before something needs to be finished, and seeing it for every item on your daily to-do list makes the world of a difference to your planning and prioritization.

The best to-do list has to be supportive and push you to succeed, and that’s exactly what Bordio does by showing you how many days are left before the task is due.

Plan your workload with time estimations in your to-do list

When you assign tasks in Bordio, specify how long you estimate the task will take. If you do that for each task in the day, you will see an accurate total workload for this day in the upper right corner of the day in the calendar.

If you create an event, our schedule builder will automatically add the length of the event to the total workload for the day. Having workload estimations helps you plan your time better and accomplish more. You can prioritize some activities over others to make time for everything.

Also, when you’re finished with the task, you can replace the initial estimation with the actual time it took you to complete something. That is especially helpful to those of us who tend to underestimate the time the work takes.

plan your workload with time estimates
put unscheduled tasks on the waiting list

Write down all unscheduled tasks on the waiting list

There are so many ideas, projects, dreams, and tasks that we think about daily but put off for one reason or the other. While those tasks and plans are not urgent and won’t be worked on immediately, we shouldn’t forget them and rely on our overworked brains to remember every single idea we had.

To tackle this issue, Bordio’s online to-do list introduced the waiting list. The waiting list is a replacement for all your “someday” to-do lists. It is a placeholder for future tasks located to the right of the main view in Bordio. Have it on display when you are doing the brain dump or planning your week, and hide it when you don’t need it. Next time an idea comes to your head that you can’t work on immediately, log it on the waiting list for later.

different colors for tasks and events

Choose colors for different types of tasks and events

Color coding makes task management more advanced. Choose between a range of existing colors that Bordio’s schedule maker offers and assign specific colors to different events and tasks. For example, if you work in project management and have multiple projects you work on, every project can have its own color. So, when you go through the list of upcoming tasks, you will instantly see what project they’re for and will plan your day accordingly.

The pastel color palette is pleasing to the eye and doesn’t clutter the user interface.

task statuses in the online to-do list

Monitor task status in your free to-do list online

In the task, you can monitor and change the task statuses. The default status is New task, which can then be moved to Scheduled, In progress, and Completed.

Manage tasks closely using a weekly planner app and ensure the existing tasks are not left unfinished. Use statuses to analyze your efficiency and spot work style tendencies. Having too many tasks “in progress” for a long time might indicate that you are putting them off or show that your workload is too high.

plan work with time blocks

Plan work with time blocks

The revolutionary feature of Bordio’s to-do list are time blocks. As you create a task, you will be offered an option to add the estimated time you think the task will take. All tasks on the list are presented as separate cards. Those cards are like placeholders that ensure you have the time reserved to do the work.

Add time blocks to break up the workload into smaller chunks. So, for example, if you estimate that the task will take 6 hours, you can set up additional time blocks, for, let’s say, one and two hours, and place them somewhere in the online calendar planner before the tasks’ deadline.

track accomplished to-dos

Track what you’ve accomplished in a single to-do list

There’s nothing quite like the sense of accomplishment after a long busy day. As you go through the tasks and events, change their status to Completes, and see them turn grey. Everything you’ve completed will remain on your online to-do list, so you can easily track and spot what was done during the day. At the same time, because all completed items are marked grey, you won’t confuse them with the tasks that are still pending.

The ritual of completing the tasks will give you the extra boost of satisfaction that all of us need after a day of hard work. And seeing the accomplished work will allow you to review the day, analyze your productivity, and even use it as a base for reporting to your colleagues, clients, or management.

create notifications

Create notifications to remember the important stuff

Enable smart notifications that will help you achieve your goals, and not make you panic because they pop up last minute and you’ve totally forgotten to prepare.

With Bordio’s online to-do list, you have several time options to set up notifications, including just 5 minutes before the event starts or the task is due. Set notifications up for an hour before to ensure you have time for final touches.

create projects in the to-do list app

Start projects to work on bigger goals in one to-do list app

Not every job fits into a single task. Sometimes, you need a bigger structure, and that’s where the Projects come in. Unlike other to-do list apps, Bordio is a project management tool too. Create projects for anything you’d like. Whether it’s house improvement or a new system rollout at work, keep both personal and work projects in Bordio and manage them simultaneously.

All tasks and events from projects will be shown in the My Workspace section to help you view absolutely everything you need to work on in a single to-do list. Bordio allows you to drop the project management app you’ve been using and keep just the online to-do list for everything.

to do list mobile app
Stay on top of your to-do list
anywhere you are

Download Bordio’s to-do list app for iOS and Android, or go for the web version in your browser. No matter what device you use and where you are located, if there is an internet connection – there is planning and scheduling with Bordio.

Bordio’s online to-do list is always there for you, waiting patiently for when you’ll need to use it next. It’s digital, so it doesn’t take extra space in your bag, it won’t get torn or destroyed if you spill coffee on it, and it will accept your lengthy notes without running out of space.