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needs. Schedule and track tasks online, manage your workload, achieve your goals.

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How does a daily planner work?
Bordio daily schedule planner explained in 2 minutes
planning your days

Make your dreams come to life

How often do we have ideas, dreams, and goals that we are excited about at first, but never end up seeing the light of day?
The daily planner by Bordio enables you to escape the vicious circle with many online tools to build a productive and efficient routine that starts with daily planning.

Get in the habit of working with the daily planner online and upgrade your task management skills and make time in the daily schedule for more important and strategic work that makes your dreams become a reality.

Save your time with daily schedule planner

Reclaim your time back with a daily schedule planner

Know exactly where your time is going, plan your workload smartly, and have more free time to work on passion projects, spend time with family, or do anything else that brings you joy.

Staying in control of your time using a free daily planner is one of the most powerful ways to reach your goals. The task planner’s structure allows you to have a bird’s eye view of the 24 hours that you have in a day, and make the most use of them.

increase productivity with free day planner

Enhance your productivity with the free day planner

Productivity is not a talent, it’s a skill. And we require the right tools to upgrade our skills. With productivity and planning, a lot comes down to the little things that keep us organized and focused on the finish line. Using a daily planner online is better than using nothing, but having an excellent free schedule planner will make a world of difference. The process of creating subtasks, working with task lists, and writing detailed meeting notes where it’s convenient for you has never been easier.

daily and weekly planning

Plan your days and weeks in a single planner

Every minute in planning saves 10 minutes in execution.
Focus on your long-term goals and stay on track with short-term commitments with Bordio’s calendar view.

Create tasks and add task details. Stay organized and caught up with your goals. Drag and drop tasks to a different day if your plans change.The layout and interface of Bordio’s task tracker are so intuitive that you won’t need training or daily planner templates to get started.

Allow the daily planner to revolutionize how you work with tasks

Working with tasks can and should be easy and fun. Create your daily plan with Bordio’s free version daily planner by adding new tasks with
a couple of clicks. Change due dates to move the task to the next day or next week. Add notes to shared tasks for everyone to review.

Task description card

choose different colors for tasks

Add colors to your free daily planner

Customize tasks and events in your schedule maker by adding colors to each type of commitment. Color coding provides an instant overview of your schedule and helps distinguish recurring tasks from unique ones, and understand what activities take most of the time. With coloring that’s customized to your needs, you won’t miss the most important tasks for the day.

You can easily set unique colors from the existing palette and assign them to pretty much anything: from recurring tasks, such as video calls with colleagues, to unique one-off tasks.

estimate your workload

Estimate your current workload and plan for the future

When creating a task, click Estimated time and select how long you predict the task will take to complete. When completing the task, replace it with the actual time it took you to do the work against estimations.
Use this information to better understand your working process and plan smartly for upcoming tasks and manage projects.

Avoid too positive planning when you overestimate your speed of work, but also optimize your planning and fit in just the right amount of tasks in the day. Knowing how much the tasks usually take you is valuable for everyone who wishes to plan smart, contribute more, and achieve targets.

time blocking

Keep yourself accountable with time blocking

Relying on pure motivation to get things done doesn’t always work. And when sheer enthusiasm fails us, it’s the system that we can fall back onto. Time blocks are a system that is easy to integrate and implement.

Whenever you create a task for yourself, estimate how much time you think it will take. Next, create time blocks and assign them to your calendar before the task deadline.

You will essentially drop the big task into multiple smaller ones. Once the time is reserved for the tasks in your days, you will have a much higher chance of completing them on time. You will not be able to complete the task until all time blocks are checked out.

Use the waiting list in the daily planner to store all your ideas

Have too many things on your mind? Does your to-do list consist of hundreds of tasks you need to work on? Instead of relying on your memory to remember every single one of the tasks, use a waiting list. The waiting list is essentially a backburner list for everything that needs to be done, but it’s not the time yet.

The waiting list by Bordio is a perfect place to store all the tasks, plans, and ideas. It is conveniently located to the right of the main schedule builder view, so as you create a plan for the day you can scroll through the waiting list and pick the tasks that you can focus on today.

Having a single place for all unfinished tasks reduces the stress level because you are not constantly worrying about forgetting something. Plus, having a single place for all small and large tasks means that they are less likely to slip your mind.

Have the main daily planner section reserved for urgent and essential tasks, for anything else – save it on the waiting list.

waiting list for tasks
Notifications for events

Remember everything with smart notifications

Instead of creating unlimited reminders that only add to your anxiety, plan notifications in a way that will empower you. Event notifications in the Bordio’s weekly planner can be fully customized and pop up when you need them. You can set up notifications in advance, such as one hour before, or last minute, for example, five minutes before or even when the event starts.

Make sure notifications work with you, and not against you. With smart notifications, you will not only remember about the upcoming event, but you will come fully prepared.

Track what you have done

Keep track of what you’ve done in the daily planner app

Know exactly what you did today with completed tasks still reflected in your daily planner online. When you finish working on a task in the online planner, click “complete” to see it turn grey. Completed tasks and events will remain in the daily planner but will be clearly distinguishable from the pending to-dos.Unlike some other planners and calendars online, such as Google Calendar, Bordio keeps completed tasks on the list intentionally.

Seeing them all at the end of the day allows you to review your day properly. You remember every particular task that you’ve worked on, and you can see how much you’ve progressed since the morning. Completing the task, itself, is a small but very satisfying ritual that boosts the feeling of accomplishment and helps you see the progress.

create projects in Bordio

Create projects for bigger goals in the free daily planner

Not all plans fit into daily tasks. For all bigger endeavors, create projects in Bordio to log the project-related to-do list and events.

Work on both personal and professional projects in the daily planner online. All tasks and events from your projects will appear in My Workspace to help you better understand your workload and use your time efficiently.

Manage your daily schedule
wherever you are

Keep up with your daily routine no matter where you are. Bordio’s digital daily planner app for iPhone and Android devices enables you to stay on top of your plan and progress 24/7 anywhere and everywhere. Create new tasks on the go, add notes to existing tasks, re-schedule meetings, create lists, and review your workload.

Don’t let daily life get in the way and define how productive you are. Work with Bordio’s daily planner at work, during the commute, and while you’re waiting for your kids’ extracurriculars to end.

Benefits of using a digital daily planner app

Still not convinced that you need an online daily planner?
Here are the key benefits of using a productivity app for planning your days, weeks, and months:

  • Organize and structure your life
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Know where your time is going
  • Achieve more in less time
  • Have 24/7 access to your to-dos
  • Add, edit, and delete tasks easily
  • Never forget about a recurring task
  • Reach your goals and dreams