17 Best Project Management
Tools for Your Projects in 2023

We tested a wide range of project management solutions in search of the best tools that would help all users, regardless of the size of their teams, deliver their projects on time and with the best results. Here is the final shortlist, hand-picked by us for you.

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Here are the 17 best project management
tools picked by industry experts

Below you will find the unique list of project management solutions that we’ve researched and tested to identify the top tools that all users can utilize and benefit from. Each of them offers a unique take on project management or functionality that enriches your experience and streamlines the workflow.

Best project management tools: Bordio
Project management tool Bordio
Best PM tools of 2023


Bordio is an all-in-one productivity and project management solution. It offers a wide range of features that enable teamwork and encourage creativity. Users can work together on projects, schedule meetings and easily track each others progress during the workday.

Unlike other tools, Bordio displays all project tasks and events in the calendar, so that users can schedule their tasks on specific days. It allows them to plan their workweek better and focus just on their today’s to-dos (instead of a huge list of tasks).

One of the main things why users love Bordio is its simple and clean design. It’s not overloaded with unnecessary features, like other project management tools. If you haven’t tried Bordio yet, we highlt recommend you to give it a try!

Video review of Project management tool Bordio


Free for individuals

Starting from 5$ / user
for business use

Key Features

  • Calendar view
  • Week planning
  • Tasks + Events on 1 board
  • Worklaod management
  • Teams & Projects
  • Recurring tasks & events
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Notes for Projects
  • Mobile Apps
  • Clean & Simple interface
Write work management software


Wrike is an all-encompassing project management platform designed to enhance workflow organization, foster collaboration, and expedite execution across a broad spectrum of departments. Tailored to meet the needs of marketing teams, professional services, project management, and IT, Wrike offers a suite of features that cater to an array of working styles. The platform accommodates various visual presentations of information, including Gantt charts and Kanban boards

The platform integrates real-time dashboards and analytics, supporting teams in making data-driven decisions. A wide range of metrics, calculations, and KPIs can be analyzed for in-depth reporting

Wrike allows the creation of unlimited folders, projects, tasks, and subtasks, making it easier to manage assignments and responsibilities. The platform also features dynamic request forms to automate work intake and consolidate requests.

Video review of PM tool Wrike


Free plan for small teams

Premium version starting
from 9.80$ / user

Key Features

  • Tasks and Projects
  • Calendar view
  • Gantt Chart
  • Real time Dashboards
  • Analytics view
  • Workflow automation
  • Smart search
  • Task and project approval
  • Resource management
  • Mobile Apps
Teamwork project management tool


Teamwork is a project management tool uniquely engineered to facilitate client-based work. It presents an integrated platform to efficiently orchestrate team, projects, clients, and freelancers.

The tool comes equipped with features such as resource and workload management, allowing for planning and forecasting of resources for future projects, as well as setting project milestones and intake forms for capturing requests and key details.

Teamwork offers diverse views including lists, Kanban boards, tables, and Gantt charts to suit various management styles. Clients and collaborators can be granted access for improved collaboration and visibility, with adjustable permissions and privacy levels.

Teamwork project management tool video review


Free for teams up to 5 people

Premium version starting
from €5.99 / user

Key Features

  • Tasks & Projects
  • Time tracking (timers)
  • Invoice generation
  • Billable hours & budgets
  • Custom fields
  • Proofs & comments
  • Automations
  • Workload management
  • Project milestones
  • Project guests and clients
Nifty work management


Nifty is a comprehensive project management tool that blends goal-setting, workflow management, and real-time collaboration, offering solutions for diverse industries, all in one collaborative workspace.

The tool provides customized solutions for engineering, sales, marketing, and product development teams. It enables engineers to manage issues and implement custom workflows, allows sales teams to track leads and automate projects, and helps marketers streamline content schedules and expedite approvals.

Nifty’s interface offers various views including Kanban, list, swimlane, timeline, and calendar view for task planning and tracking. Task assignments, activities, and time logs are available at a glance in the ‘My Work’ section.

Video review of project management tools: Nifty


Free for 2 projects

Premium version starting
from $5 / user

Key Features

  • Roadmap
  • Milestones
  • Workload overview
  • Built-in Chat
  • Task reporting
  • Automations
  • Templates
  • Favorites
  • Integrations (Google, Zoom, GitHub)
  • Mobile apps
Workast - work management software


Workast is an all-in-one work management platform tailored to streamline teamwork and project management across various business functions. The platform offers a range of features that facilitate efficient planning, deployment, and completion of projects.

Its customizable “Spaces” allow teams to create specific work environments where tasks can be delegated, files can be stored via Google Drive integration, and progress can be tracked. Additional features like templates for repetitive events and custom extensions further enrich its functionality, making it a flexible solution for different kinds of workflow requirements.

But the functionality doesn’t stop there. Workast provides diverse views—like list, board, calendar, and timeline—to ensure you have the optimal interface for any type of project or task. Its “Meetings” feature helps you collaborate in real-time with options to set agendas, take notes, and assign follow-up tasks directly from a summary page.


Free limited version

Premium plan starting
from $39/month
(8 users included)

Key Features

  • Customizable Task Spaces
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Form Builder
  • Real-Time Meeting Collaboration
  • List and Board Views


Asana is a comprehensive project management platform designed to connect overarching company goals with the work required to achieve them, fostering cross-team and cross-functional synergy. It empowers users to align their organizations and instill a sense of ownership through the Goals feature.

Asana allows for easy tracking of critical projects’ statuses, providing a clear view of progress and next steps. The centralized admin console equips teams with control over permissions, privacy settings, security requirements, and more, ensuring a secure and tailored environment for every project.

This platform helps to automate routine work with custom Rules. Users can automatically assign tasks, update statuses, and reduce manual intervention, freeing up time for more creative and strategic tasks. The platform is versatile, offering different project views including Timeline, Board, and List, to accommodate various workflows and personal preferences.

Video review of Asana PM Software


Free for teams up to 15 people
(basic functionality)

Premium version starting
from €10.99 / user

Key Features

  • Tasks & Projects
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Workflow builder
  • Project portfolio
  • Custom fields
  • Project milestones
  • Board view
  • Task comments
  • Task templates
  • iOS & Android mobile apps
Best Project Managemenet Tools Monday


Monday is a dynamic work management platform designed to streamline the execution of tasks, projects, and processes for teams at scale. By focusing on organized and collaborative operation, it facilitates seamless goal-setting, project navigation, and task management.

Its core functionalities encompass areas such as goal setting, portfolio and resource management, project management, business operations, request and approvals, and task management. The platform also supports marketing efforts by providing a central hub for managing the entire creative process, from strategic planning to asset management and launch.

Monday offers custom automations to save time on repetitive tasks, thus eliminating unnecessary meetings and lengthy email chains.It accommodates agile workflows with its Kanban software and pre-built templates, fostering efficient data management from multiple tools.

Video review of Monday.com


Free for a team of 2 people

Starting from €8 / user
for bigger teams

Key Features

  • Customizible dashboards
  • Activity log
  • Automations
  • Gantt chart (timeline)
  • Map view
  • Calendar view
  • Kanban view
  • Time tracking (timers)
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Mobile Apps
Work management tool Hive


Hive is a centralized project management solution designed to consolidate all projects, tasks, deadlines, requests, approvals, notes, and reminders into a singular platform, providing a comprehensive view of all operations.

This platform supports multiple assignees and team assignments, and offers various project view options, including Kanban, Gantt Chart, Table, Calendar, and Portfolio.

Hive provides features designed to visualize and comprehend workflows. Cards can be linked to showcase dependencies, which can be displayed in a customizable Gantt chart. The platform also streamlines the feedback process by allowing all relevant documents, images, videos, and more to be brought into the platform for markup and approval requests.

Video review of project managemenet tool Hive


Free for teams up to 10 people

Premium version starting
from $12 / user

Key Features

  • Gantt chart
  • Kanban board
  • Calendar view
  • Table view
  • Proofing and approvals
  • Native chat application
  • Collaborative note-taking app
  • Time-tracking, timesheets, resourcing
  • Goal-tracking application
  • AI-powered writing tool
Project Management Tools: MeisterTask


MeisterTask is an intuitive project management tool that enhances team collaboration with its versatile features. Leveraging a Kanban-style approach, it provides a visual representation of your entire project, helping you streamline workflows and improve efficiency.

The tool’s easy-to-use interface encourages adoption, enabling teams to sort tasks into customizable sections on the board, set work-in-progress limits, and manage deadlines effectively.

With MeisterTask, managing remote teams becomes effortless. It ensures seamless workflows and high productivity regardless of whether team members are working from home or in the office.

Video review of MeisterTask


Free up to 3 projects

Premium plans starting
from €10.99/month

Key Features

  • Tasks and Projects
  • Multiple checklists
  • Custom backgrounds
  • WIP Limits
  • Custom fields
  • Tasks from emails
  • Project groups
  • Collaborative Notes
  • Automations
  • Mobile Apps
Project management tools proofhub


ProofHub offers an all-encompassing project management solution, turning chaotic and scattered workflows into streamlined, efficient processes. As a single platform for all your projects and team collaboration, ProofHub ensures everything stays organized, progress is transparent, and everyone is aligned, reducing stress and enhancing productivity.

From planning, tracking, and managing projects of any scale, to optimizing communication with discussion threads and custom fields, ProofHub covers all aspects. It includes flexible views like board, table, Gantt, and calendar, along with effective time tracking and custom workflows for a seamless work journey. Task dependencies, templates, and unique reports also ensure better project insight and quick start for new initiatives.

ProofHub goes beyond standard project management tools by offering features like multilingual support, white-labeling for brand consistency, and an email-in option for easier task additions.

Video review of Proofhub


Free Trial

Starting from $45 / month
with unlimited users

Key Features

  • Smart task management
  • Multiple assignees
  • Recurring tasks
  • Customized workflows
  • Custom roles and permissions
  • Online proofing
  • Time tracking
  • Project reporting
  • Integration with Slack, Google Drive
  • Mobile Apps
Nuclino project management tool


Nuclino offers an intuitive project management solution that combines ease-of-use and efficiency, eliminating distractions and overly complex workflows. With its streamlined interface, it enables teams to start quickly, stay focused, and accomplish tasks effectively.

This platform offers versatile views to meet any task or workflow: List view for document organization, Board view for project management, Table view for data sorting and filtering, and Graph view for exploring team knowledge visually.

Each item in Nuclino is a collaborative document, acting as a centralized hub for notes, tasks, file embeddings, and more. With features like lightning-fast search, flexible filters, and efficiency-boosting hotkeys, Nuclino makes sure you get more done, faster.

Video review of PM tool Nuclino


Free limited plan

Premium plans starting
from €5/user/month

Key Features

  • Flexible data visualization
  • Board view
  • List view
  • Table view
  • Graph view
  • Custom fields
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Private workspaces
  • Integrations with 50+ apps
  • Mobile Apps
Hubspot PM tool


HubSpot is an integrated marketing platform that empowers you to boost revenue, streamline your operations, and effectively measure your marketing investments. It provides a central hub for managing leads across various channels, including email, landing pages, forms, and more.

With this CRM, you can efficiently scale your marketing activities using automation tools while tracking the success of your campaigns with comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Marketing Hub, HubSpot’s comprehensive solution, remedies the crisis of disconnection that many marketers face. It successfully links your marketing tools and experiences, fostering team unity on a platform that consolidates all your data.

Hubspot project management video review


Marketing Hub plan
starting from €18/month

Key Features

  • Live chat
  • Team email
  • Marketing events object
  • Form automation
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Collaboration tools
  • Deal and company scoring
  • Teams & Tasks
  • SEO analytics
Indy Project Managemenet Tool


Indy simplifies freelancing by unifying the tools needed to run a freelance business. Create proposals, sign contracts, track billable hours, and generate invoices all within a single platform.

Indy excels at project organization, saving you from tedious spreadsheet management and admin work. It connects client and project information to your work, streamlining the process of accessing required information. The project dashboard offers comprehensive updates, while the People feature acts as a lightweight CRM, keeping track of contacts and the invoices, files, and documents you’ve shared with them.

The platform’s integrations with Zapier and Google Calendar can automate and enhance your workflows. In addition to these, Indy supports integrated online payment, offering automated transactions with PayPal and Stripe without any additional fees.

Video review of Indy


Free limited version

Premium plan starting
from $9/month

Key Features

  • Proposals
  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Projects & Tasks
  • Calendar & Forms
  • Time tracking
  • File storage
  • Recurring Invoice
  • Google Calendar sync
  • Embedded forms
Chisel Labs project management tool


Chisel Labs offers a comprehensive project management solution designed to bring teams into perfect alignment while fostering a customer-centric approach. The platform is engineered with a range of features that emphasize agile methodologies and robust stakeholder engagement.

Users can create dynamic product roadmaps using Chisel’s customizable templates, helping to keep track of development cycles and strategic objectives. The Alignment Matrix™ serves as a unique tool for gauging team consensus, making it easier to involve every stakeholder in the decision-making process. Further enhancing its usability are the Kanban and Timeline views, which offer an intuitive way to visualize immediate and long-term project goals.

What sets Chisel apart is its focus on integrating both internal team and external customer feedback into its platform. The Idea Box™ is a centralized repository where ideas, whether generated by the team or incoming customer feedback, can be captured, curated, and prioritized. The Feedback Portal offers a direct channel for customers to provide their insights on current and future product features.


Free limited version

Premium plan starting
from $49/month

Key Features

  • Custom Roadmaps
  • Alignment Matrix™
  • Idea Box™
  • Team Radar
  • Release View
SpiraTeam PM tool


SpiraTeam is a robust Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool designed to streamline project management, quality assurance, and development efforts under one unified platform.

The platform offers a wide range of features, including requirements management, task tracking, bug detection, and test case management, all easily accessible via a clean and powerful user interface. Integrated version control, customizable reporting, and real-time dashboards make it easy for teams to monitor progress and make informed decisions. The software is highly adaptable, supporting various agile methodologies like Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), and Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM).

What sets SpiraTeam apart is its extensive integration capabilities, with support for over 55 third-party tools and IDEs like Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Jet Brains. The platform offers full traceability from requirements to source code and defects, ensuring comprehensive oversight across the project lifecycle. Whether you need to capture requirements, prioritize tasks, or manage automated test scripts, SpiraTeam offers a flexible solution that’s customizable to your project’s unique needs.


Cloud version:
starting from $158/month
(3 users included)

Self-hosted version

Key Features

  • Task Tracking
  • Bug Management
  • Test Automation
  • Version Control
  • Custom Reporting

Project management tools comparison table

It is easy to get lost with so many options. In the table below, we’ve highlighted the key functionality and tagged which solutions have them and which ones don’t. Use it as a reference for your decision-making, but don’t forget to run a deeper evaluation and tests.
Task management
Events & Appointments
Week planning
Team Management
Project Portfolio
Free version
Kanban Board
Gant Chart
how to pick up project management tool

How did we pick up the top project management tools?

In our research and selection process, we looked at a combination of factors for narrowing down the list of project management solutions. First of all, we checked the functionality that tools claim to have. Then we evaluated the user-friendliness and intuitiveness of the interface because no matter how powerful the feature set is, it’s not going to benefit you if you can’t figure out how it works. Last but not least, we’ve tested the solutions to see whether they truly perform as they state they do. And that’s how we got to the final list.

best project management tools for you

Which project management tools are the best for you?

It’s a million-dollar question, isn’t it? There is no right or wrong answer here, but we’ve prepared a list of criteria that can guide you in the decision-making process. First of all, identify your requirements and create a list of non-negotiables. Check whether each solution matches your needs. Consider the price point, but don’t make it your key priority because cheaper alternatives can cost you more in the long run. Download the trial and have a feel for what it would be like to use the solution. You’ll be working with it every day, so it must be an enjoyable process and not drag your progress down. 

first steps with your project management tool

First steps with your project management tool

Once you’ve selected and installed the solution, it’s time to set yourself up for success. Watch an intro video or go through onboarding if the tool offers it, so you don’t miss the little nuances or any handy functionality. Create the first project and play around with all options that the software provides. Invite users to your project, log the vital steps and timeline, and let everyone interact with the tool. Make sure you log everything project-related, so no critical data is missed or in sole possession of a particular team member. 

Criteria for choosing the best project
management tool for your team

Interface of PM tools Simple and clean interface

Gone are the times when a complex interface meant that the solution is powerful and worthy. Look for tools that are intuitive and easy to grasp. All team members have to be comfortable with using the software, and onboarding of new employees or contractors should be minimal, otherwise, you’ll be wasting time and putting extra risk on the project.

Security Security

Goes without saying – security is an important factor that you must consider when choosing a project management solution. The consequences of losing vital data are astronomical, and many small businesses and startups might not survive a breach.

feature set of project management tools Feature set

The next factor is the functionality of the project management tool. The solution needs to do the work, so identify your key requirements and cross-check all candidates. If you find an almost perfect match but something is missing – ask the vendor about their roadmap. It might be that the feature you need is on its way.

team collaboration in project management Team collaboration

Some project management tools perform best when you work alone. Yet, whether you have a team or not, it’s best to look for tools that support collaboration. In this day and age, we all work with assistants, delegate part of the workload to contractors, or hire part-time employees. Don’t get stuck with a solution that limits your options.

support Support

No software is perfect, and sometimes you will run into issues that will have to be fixed. It’s not the end of the world if you have a reliable and quick support team to assist you with any troubles. Find out how the support process works with the tool you are interested in, and check how long you’ll have to wait for a response from a tech specialist.

task management Task Management

Projects consist of many smaller tasks, so the project management tool you choose has to be advanced in task management. Look for things like recurring tasks, time blocks for productive work sessions, and a simple schedule editing process.

Why should you use project management tool

Why should you use tools for project management?

Technically, you don’t need a special solution to manage your project. You can handle it with an Excel sheet or even a notebook and a pen. But how productive would that be? Good project management tools foster collaboration, make the exchange of information easy, and boost creativity. With access to a shared project, everyone on the team is on the same page at all times, and you get to move faster and achieve your goals with fewer delays and errors. 

Project management tools help to grow business

How does a project management tool help your business grow?

Project management tools support your business growth in many ways. First of all, they offer you a visual structure to the process. With the timeline, co-dependencies, and tasks clearly outlined, teams can see the big picture, get inspired, and work through the workload more efficiently. With project management tools, companies can see if they’re on track with their goals, spot areas where acceleration is required, and prevent risks. In short, these tools help companies get where they want faster and with fewer resources all through planning. 

Risks of not having project management tool

What are the risks of not having a project management tool in place?

Companies that choose to run projects without supportive tools in place open themselves up to several risks. First, projects can run longer than anticipated and result in launch delays if there is no day-to-day management and tracking through project management software. Second, it’s easy to make a mistake and not realize it until way later in the project, when it becomes a complex and expensive issue. Lastly, without a tool in place, there is a high chance of vital project information being missed. Later, when an upgrade is required or an issue pops up, having no access to proper process logs and documentation will complicate the resolution.

A step-by-step guide to choosing a perfect
project management tool for your business

1. Come up with a list of priorities

Before you start to do anything, you need to understand what’s important for you in a project management tool. If you’re a small team with ambitious growth plans, then one of the priorities for you might be to have a scalable solution that would be able to support the rapid growth of your team, so you won’t have to urgently migrate to a different project management software. Others might prioritize transparency where all project members can see what others are doing.

2. Discuss requirements with your team

The next step is to come up with an extensive list of requirements. It is best to collaborate with your team on such lists to ensure you don’t miss anything. As you work through things you need in the project management tool, try to separate the absolute must-haves and the good-to-haves. This will help you make the final decision down the line.

3. Do your research

Once you understand your priorities and know what your main requirements are, it’s time to do your research. Ask around and look online for potential software candidates. Scan the market and narrow down your selection to a few options.

4. Task to vendors

Many choose to skip this step but it can make a dramatic difference. Say you have a solution that you fancy and want to purchase. But you might not know that the vendor is looking at completely changing their direction and moving away from the functionality that is vital to you. Of course, you won’t always be able to get this information from a representative, but it is helpful to chat and understand what the future plans of the company are.

5. Download demo licenses and run tests

No matter how convincing the tool looks on the website and in marketing videos, you have to try it out before making the final decision. You don’t need to run extensive tests that last for a week. Most of the functionality can be tested in a matter of a day or two.

6. Check the pricing and total cost of ownership

Finally, look at the price of the software and its total cost of ownership (TCO). We don’t recommend prioritizing the pricing over everything else because sometimes it’s worth paying extra for the convenience, reliable performance, and full feature set. Look at how much the new project management tool would cost you. TCO may vary depending on the training that’s required, add-ons that must be purchased, and other factors. 

Reduce busywork with project management tools

Reduce busywork

Start using a project management tool to reduce the busywork that doesn’t generate value for the project. Whether intentional or not, the imitation of work is causing delays and wastes money for the company. With a project management solution in place, you’ll be able to link every activity with the company’s goals and help team members see how their actions transform into the big vision.

Store data in 1 project management tool

Store all data in one place

Project management tools can be your go-to data repository. All project-related information is valuable and should be logged somewhere where shareholders, team members, and contractors can see it. Avoid risks associated with the knowledge being held hostage by certain team members or being lost completely because nobody wrote it down in the process.

Boost collaboration in project management

Boost collaboration

Project management solutions help every team member see what others are working on and reach out with questions directly. Transparency of workflows and tasks’ co-dependencies creates a good basis for collaboration that, in turn, accelerates the project’s progress and helps you reach your objectives faster and with better results.