7 Best Video Editing Software in 2024

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29 Feb 2024
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    As the digital world continues to evolve, video content creation has become a cornerstone for both personal and professional expression. In 2024, the availability of free video editing software has opened doors for beginners to create amazing videos and craft compelling visual stories without a steep learning curve or heavy investment. Through extensive research, we have pinpointed the top 7 online video editing tools, each boasting a distinct mix of functionalities tailored to the growing demands of beginner video creators. These applications simplify the editing process while also empowering users to produce both high-quality and engaging content. They are ideally suited for those beginning their journey in the world of digital storytelling.

    What Is Free Video Editing Software and How Does It Work?

    Free video editing software equips users with complementary tools for slicing, improving, and altering videos. These programs, tailored for ease of use, simplify the video editing process for beginners. Typically, such software encompasses fundamental functions like trimming, cutting, inserting text, and adding filters. Moreover, several of these free editors provide more sophisticated features, including color correction, special effects, and editing across multiple tracks.

    These applications use various technologies to render video content, catering to different file formats and resolutions. They are ideal for personal projects, content creation, professional videos for social media, and small business marketing. By offering a no-cost solution, they democratize the art of video editing, making it accessible to a wider audience.

    7 Best Video Editing Software 2024

    Final Cut Pro


    Final Cut Pro is a professional non-linear video editing software developed by Apple Inc. for macOS. It is widely recognized for its advanced editing capabilities, offering a comprehensive set of tools for video editors to manipulate and produce high-quality video content. Final Cut Pro supports a wide range of video formats and resolutions, including 4K and 360-degree video, making it a versatile choice for filmmakers, television broadcasters, and content creators. Its intuitive interface, combined with powerful features such as Magnetic Timeline, Multicam editing, and advanced color grading, allows for efficient workflow and creative flexibility.

    Over the years, Final Cut Pro has evolved significantly, with updates that have continually added new features and improved its performance. The software integrates seamlessly with other Apple applications and services, providing a cohesive ecosystem for content production. With its robust media organization capabilities, including metadata tagging and smart collections, Final Cut Pro enables users to manage their projects effectively. It has become a favored tool among professionals for its speed, reliability, and the high quality of its output, cementing its place as a leading choice in the video editing software market.

    Key Features:

    • Magnetic Timeline for flexible editing
    • Advanced color grading tools included
    • Multicam editing with automatic synchronization
    • 360-degree VR video editing support
    • Robust media organization and tagging



    Animaker emerges as a pioneering AI-powered platform, revolutionizing the realm of video creation for both novices and seasoned professionals. It stands out as a beacon for those embarking on their journey from early-stage startups to well-established Fortune 500 entities, offering an intuitive environment for crafting both animated and live-action videos. With over 20 million users and accolades such as being voted the No. 4 Best Design Product globally, Animaker’s appeal spans across major brands like Amazon, Visa, and McDonald’s, showcasing its versatility and capability in meeting diverse creative needs.

    At the heart of Animaker’s innovation lies its robust AI functionalities, such as the Steve AI 2.0, which simplifies the creation of studio-quality animated videos. This feature-rich tool boasts the world’s most extensive asset and animation library, including over 100 million stock media options, 70,000 icons, and 30,000 music tracks, all designed to fuel user creativity. The platform is also celebrated for its super powerful Character Builder, enabling the creation of billions of unique characters. With Animaker, users are equipped with everything needed to transform simple ideas into visually captivating videos, making it the ultimate tool for effortless, high-quality video production in today’s fast-paced digital world.

    Key Features:

    • AI-powered video creation tools
    • Extensive asset and animation library
    • Easy-to-use Character Builder
    • Supports both animation and live-action
    • Integrated with Steve AI 2.0



    Zoomerang revolutionizes content creation with its AI-driven platform, making it effortless for anyone to produce eye-catching video and photo content for social media, regardless of their expertise. Designed for both iOS and Android users, Zoomerang offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies content production, significantly reducing cost per acquisition (CPA) by 2.5 times and making the process 10 times more affordable and 5 times easier compared to traditional methods. With its vast marketplace featuring millions of templates across 30+ categories and 1500 subcategories, crafted by 200,000 pro template creators and adding 25,000 new templates daily, Zoomerang empowers users to create truly engaging videos and photos that stand out on all short-form video platforms.

    Zoomerang is not just about individual creation; it’s an all-in-one workplace designed to enhance brand presence across social media. Users can access the industry’s best template creators to produce high-performing content, apply brand kits to videos for scalable production, and collaborate with their team seamlessly within the app. Whether for marketing, social media management, or design, Zoomerang offers an expansive library of stock videos, photos, fonts, and royalty-free music, making it a comprehensive platform for video creators. By enabling native-looking video creation with top creators specialized in various verticals, Zoomerang stands as a pivotal tool for driving social media success in the digital age.

    Key Features:

    • AI-driven video and photo creation
    • Vast marketplace of customizable templates
    • Simplified, scalable brand kit application
    • Comprehensive stock media and fonts
    • Seamless team collaboration workspace



    Wistia positions itself as a comprehensive video marketing platform designed specifically for businesses aiming to enhance their bottom line through video. It provides a suite of tools for video creation, hosting, marketing, and analytics, simplifying the video production process to make it accessible even to those without prior video production experience. From recording and editing to collaborating on videos, Wistia makes the entire process user-friendly and efficient, directly from your browser. Additionally, it offers a hosting solution that includes a customizable, ad-free player designed to deliver content quickly and smoothly, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for the audience.

    Beyond creation and hosting, Wistia excels in marketing and analytics, equipped with built-in video SEO to increase discoverability and lead-generation tools to help segment, nurture, and convert potential customers. It provides detailed analytics and performance measurement tools, including A/B testing and integrations with popular marketing automation platforms, to optimize video content for real results. Wistia also enhances live webinar experiences with features like multiple panelists, various layout choices, lead-gen forms, and the capability to repurpose live events into evergreen content. Whether you’re new to video marketing or a seasoned pro, Wistia offers valuable resources, including a comparison with YouTube, to inform and elevate your video marketing strategies.

    Key Features:

    • Simplified video creation and editing process
    • Customizable, ad-free video hosting
    • Built-in video SEO and lead-gen
    • Detailed analytics and A/B testing
    • Integrations with marketing automation platforms



    Simplified is a versatile video editing tool designed to cater to both novices and professionals looking to create high-quality video content with ease. It offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the video editing process, allowing users to cut, merge, and enhance videos with just a few clicks. The platform is equipped with a wide range of features including pre-designed templates, filters, and effects, enabling users to add a creative touch to their videos without the need for extensive editing skills.

    Beyond basic editing capabilities, Simplified also provides advanced functionalities like AI-driven content creation, automatic resizing for different social media platforms, and the ability to add custom text, animations, and music to videos. This makes it an all-in-one solution for content creators aiming to produce engaging and visually appealing videos for marketing, social media, or personal projects. With its focus on simplicity and efficiency, Simplified streamlines the video creation process, making it accessible for users to bring their ideas to life.

    Key Features:

    • User-friendly video editing interface
    • AI-driven content creation tools
    • Automatic resizing for social media
    • Extensive library of templates and effects
    • Custom text, animations, and music options



    Kapwing stands out as a cutting-edge video creation platform designed to enhance the efficiency and creativity of teams across various sectors. Trusted by notable organizations such as Spotify, Google, and Louis Vuitton, Kapwing accelerates the video production process, enabling teams to produce content up to ten times faster. It achieves this through a combination of AI tools, templates, and a centralized content hub, which automates mundane tasks, facilitates real-time project updates, and streamlines feedback loops. This approach eliminates common communication hurdles like the frequent requests for file resends, thereby optimizing the workflow from the initial draft to the final video.

    Beyond just facilitating content creation, Kapwing fosters a collaborative environment where anyone, regardless of their technical skills or prior experience, can contribute to video projects. It ensures brand consistency across all content through shared brand asset spaces and custom templates, making it easier for teams to produce content that aligns with brand standards. Kapwing is likened to Google Docs but for video content, offering real-time editing features that allow entire teams to work on projects simultaneously and see updates as they happen. This collaborative feature not only brings collective creative visions to life but also significantly boosts productivity and engagement within teams, leading to the creation of compelling video content that attracts more customers.

    Key Features:

    • Accelerated video production with AI tools
    • Centralized content hub for team collaboration
    • Real-time editing and feedback loops
    • Shared space for brand asset consistency
    • Templates for quick, on-brand content



    iMovie is a user-friendly video editing software developed by Apple Inc., designed primarily for macOS and iOS users. It offers a straightforward platform for individuals looking to create and edit videos without the complexity often associated with professional editing tools. iMovie is well-suited for beginners and casual users, providing essential features such as video clipping, transitions, and effects, as well as themes and templates to quickly produce polished videos. It supports a variety of file formats and enables the sharing of finished projects directly to social media or via email, making it a convenient option for personal use.

    Despite its simplicity, iMovie includes some powerful features like trailer templates, which allow users to create cinematic trailers from their footage, and the ability to improve video and audio quality. It also integrates seamlessly with other Apple products and services, offering a smooth editing experience across devices. Whether for home movies, school projects, or social media content, iMovie serves as an accessible entry point into video editing, encouraging creativity and storytelling through its intuitive design and ease of use.

    Key Features:

    • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface
    • Cinematic trailers with customizable templates
    • Seamless integration across Apple devices
    • High-quality video and audio effects
    • Direct sharing to social media

    How Did We Select the Best Free Video Editing Apps?

    User-Friendly Interface:

    The key to a beginner-friendly video editing tool is an intuitive and easy-to-use interface well-to-navigate interface. We selected software with a straightforward layout and clear instructions, making the editing process less daunting for novices.

    Basic to Advanced Features:

    While catering to beginners, we also looked for software that offers a range of features, from basic editing tools to more advanced options. This ensures that users can grow and experiment with advanced tools as their skills develop.

    Compatibility and Performance:

    Software compatibility with various operating systems and hardware specifications is crucial. We chose tools that perform well across different devices and platforms, ensuring a smooth editing experience for all users.

    Community and Support:

    A strong user community and accessible support resources can significantly enhance the learning curve for professional video editors. We focused on software with active forums, tutorials, and customer support to aid beginners in their video editing journey with the help of just a few clicks.

    Selecting the Best Free Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2024:

    Assess Your Editing Needs:

    Understand the scope of your video projects. Are they for personal blogs, social media content, or small business marketing? Choose a cross-platform video editing software with features that align with your specific editing requirements.

    Check Compatibility with Your Device:

    Ensure the software is compatible with your computer’s operating system and hardware. Some tools may require more powerful graphics or processing capabilities.

    Explore the Feature Set:

    Look for the best video editing software and stabilization software that offers the right balance of basic and advanced editing features. It should have essential editing tools like trimming, cutting, and text overlays, as well as options for more complex tasks as you advance editing video.

    Leverage Community and Tutorials:

    Choose video editor software with an active community and ample learning resources. Forums, online video editor tutorials, and user guides can be invaluable for beginners learning the ropes of video editing.

    Test with Sample Projects:

    Try out the software with a few sample projects to get a feel for its interface and capabilities. This hands-on experience will help you determine if it suits your editing style and needs.

    Evaluate Upgrade Options:

    While starting with a free version, consider the software’s upgrade options. Some free tools offer more features or enhanced performance with paid upgrades, which might be beneficial as your skills grow.

    Cost Considerations for Top Free Video Editing Software in 2024

    In video editing, free software solutions offer a budget-friendly entry point for beginners. While these tools are free, it’s important to consider the potential hidden costs. Some free download versions may include watermarks on the final video, limited features, or restrictions on output formats. Additionally, certain software might offer in-app purchases for advanced features or require a paid upgrade for commercial use. Beginners should know these potential costs and evaluate the software based on their long-term needs and goals.

    Identifying the Optimal Time to Switch to Advanced Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2024

    For beginners, recognizing the right time to transition to more advanced video and audio editing software is key. This decision often comes when all the basics and limitations of the best free video editor software start to hinder creative expression or project complexity. The ideal time to upgrade is when you need more sophisticated features like professional color grading, 3D editing, some additional video effects, or better audio mixing capabilities. The transition should align with your growing proficiency and the escalating demands of your video projects. Upgrading at the right time can unlock new creative possibilities and elevate the quality of your video content.

    Choosing Between Free Video Editing Software and Paid Upgrades

    When it comes to video editing programs, beginners often face the choice between continuing with free software or opting for a paid upgrade. Free video editing programs are a great starting point, offering enough features for basic editing tasks. However, as skills and project complexity grow, the advanced features and enhanced performance of paid versions become more appealing.

    Paid upgrades often provide a broader range of video editing tools used, higher output quality, and better support for different file formats. Additionally, they typically offer technical support and regular updates, ensuring the software remains up-to-date with the latest video editing trends and technologies.

    Before making the decision, it’s important to assess your current and future editing needs, considering factors like project complexity, required features, and budget constraints. Upgrading to a paid version should be a calculated move, aligned with your evolving skills and the demands of your video projects.

    Most Common Free Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2024:

    • DaVinci Resolve: Renowned for its high-quality color correction and editing features, DaVinci Resolve provides a robust free version that caters to both novice and experienced users, blending professional capabilities with beginner-friendly accessibility.
    • Shotcut: As a versatile, open-source video editing tool, Shotcut stands out with its extensive support for various formats and a modifiable user interface, positioning it as an adaptable option for beginners embarking on video editing.
    • Lightworks: With a history of professional film editing, Lightworks offers a free version that includes high-quality trimming and timeline editing tools.
    • HitFilm Express: Popular among beginners and enthusiasts, HitFilm Express provides a range of VFX and editing tools in its free version, with optional paid add-ons.
    • Blender: Primarily known for its 3D animation capabilities, Blender also includes a comprehensive video editing suite, catering to beginners interested in 3D video projects.
    • iMovie: A staple for Mac users, iMovie offers intuitive video editing with a range of themes and templates, ideal for quick and easy projects.
    • VSDC Free Video Editor: This non-linear video editor offers a range of editing tools and effects, with support for various video formats, appealing to beginners on Windows.
    • Avidemux: This user-friendly video editing tool is ideal for straightforward operations such as trimming, filtering, and encoding. It’s an excellent choice for beginners in need of fundamental editing capabilities.
    • OpenShot: Celebrated for its accessible and open-source design, OpenShot features a straightforward drag-and-drop interface loaded with key editing tools, ideal for beginners venturing into video editing.
    • Kdenlive: This user-friendly, flexible open-source editor is tailored to assist beginners, offering capabilities such as editing across multiple tracks and a variety of effects, thereby enriching the editing experience for those new to the field.

    Selecting the Best Free Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2024:

    • Project Requirements: Consider the types of videos you’ll be editing and the features required. If you’re working on complex projects, look for software with advanced editing capabilities.
    • User Interface: Choose software with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, especially important for beginners learning video editing.
    • Community Assistance: Choose software that is backed by robust community support and educational resources, including discussion forums, instructional tutorials, and user guides.
    • Device Compatibility: Ensure that the software aligns with your computer’s technical requirements, taking into account factors like the operating system, CPU, and graphics processing unit.
    • Upgrade Path: Consider the software’s upgrade options. If you plan to progress to more advanced editing, look for software that offers a seamless transition to a paid version with more features.
    • User Reviews: Check out reviews and feedback from other beginners. Their experiences can provide insights into the software’s ease of use, reliability, and performance.

    6 Key Discussions with a Video Editing Software Provider Before Switching

    • Technical Support: Inquire about the level and availability of technical support. What are the primary channels for assistance, and is there a dedicated team for user support?
    • Software Updates: Understand the frequency and scope of software updates. Regular updates indicate ongoing improvements and adaptations to new video editing trends.
    • Pricing Structure for Upgrades: Clarify the pricing structure for potential upgrades. Are there different tiers or packages, and what additional features do they include?
    • Training and Resources: Ask about available training resources, such as tutorials, webinars, or user guides. These resources can be crucial for mastering new features.
    • Integration with Other Tools: Discuss how the software integrates with other tools or platforms you might use, such as graphic design software or social media platforms.
    • Feedback and Community Engagement: Understand how the provider engages with its user community. Do they actively seek feedback and suggestions for future updates?

    Digital Tools for Beginner Video Editors in 2024:

    • Audacity: Essential for audio editing, Audacity offers audio tools used to improve sound quality, a crucial aspect of video production.
    • GIMP and Canva: For creating and editing graphics video clips and thumbnails, these tools are great for enhancing the visual appeal of your videos.
    • OBS Studio: Perfect for screen recording and live streaming, OBS Studio is a must-have for creating tutorials, gameplays, or webinars.
    • Google Drive and Dropbox: Reliable for cloud storage, these services ensure secure backup and easy sharing of video projects.
    • Hootsuite and Buffer: These social media management tools help schedule video tracks, and publish your edited videos across various platforms.
    • Zoom and Skype: Useful for conducting interviews, editing videos, video and audio tracks, or recording conversations for video content.

    The Role of Free Video Editing Software in Personal and Professional Growth

    Free video editing software plays a crucial role in the personal and professional growth of beginners in the digital content and video creation sphere. It offers an accessible platform for learning and honing video editing skills without the financial burden of paid software. By facilitating creativity and experimentation, these tools help individuals develop their storytelling abilities and technical expertise. For small enterprises and entrepreneurs, these tools offer an economical solution for producing videos with a professional appearance, suitable for marketing and communication. Essentially, free video editing software stands as a priceless asset for individuals embarking on their video production path, presenting opportunities for exploration, education, and development in the domain.

    Final Reflections on Free Video Editing Software

    Free video editing software and video editing apps are a gateway to the world of digital storytelling, offering beginners the opportunity to learn and grow in the craft without financial barriers. These tools, with their user-friendly interfaces and a range of features, empower users to create videos that transform raw footage into engaging narratives. As beginners evolve in their video editing journey, embracing advanced tools becomes a natural progression. This progression in skill set and demands facilitates a smooth shift from amateur to professional video editor. In an age dominated by digital media, the significance of user-friendly, powerful, and adaptable video editing tools is paramount. Such software becomes an essential resource for those aspiring to master video creation, underscoring its critical role in the digital storytelling landscape.