Printable calendars

Calendars are powerful tools that support our planning and help us think
long-term, be cautious of timeframes, and never forget an important date.

Yearly calendars

Download our printable yearly calendar and put them on the wall by your desk or anywhere you work and plan.

Our 2022 calendar can help you stick with your New Year resolutions, support you in growing as a professional, and they will remind you about all birthdays, weddings, and other important events.

Monthly calendars

For more focused work on your goals in the short term, use printable monthly calendars.

One month is a perfect time frame to make a change and a difference, yet not lose motivation. Our printable calendar templates for every month will fit key events, daily notes, federal holidays, and much more.

Why use printable calendars

We all want to live a life we can be proud of – the one where we are fulfilled, achieve our goals, and enjoy what we do.

However, what many people don’t realize is just how much those aspirations depend on discipline and planning. Planning doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but it is the key to finding time for pleasures and making dreams come to life.

Calendars add structure to our days, weeks, and months. Many people notice how fast the time goes when one second it’s January and then boom! – all of a sudden it’s August. Regular check-ins with a calendar help us stay aware of the time passing and be more mindful and conscious of what we choose to occupy ourselves with.

Printable calendars go one step further and add visualization to the process. As you put them on the walls, every time your eyes wander around, you will inevitably look at the calendar and be reminded of your tasks and goals.

All in all, using printable calendars and digital calendars, such as the one in Bordio, is buying us our time back. We become more productive, get more done, and feel happier as we find ourselves on the path to the success that we’ve dreamed of.

Tips to use printable calendars

Figure out your goals first

Professional or personal, all goals should be defined and acknowledged before we start working with the calendar. Surely you can utilize the calendar for daily non-urgent tasks but what’s the fun in that?

Review your calendar regularly

Printable calendars are only valuable if they are used. After you’re done with the initial planning with your yearly or monthly calendar, make it a habit to go back to it at least once a day. It will help you stay focused and achieve more.

Combine your printable calendar with a digital one

Don’t copy all tasks and events in both but rather be strategic about what goes in the printed version and what can be logged digitally. Plus, you can make use of the reminders, such as a monthly reminder to pay bills, popping up on your screen.

Have it all in one place

Keep one calendar for both your work and personal tasks. It will allow you to get a more honest understanding of your schedule and avoid over-committing yourself.

If you use other calendars along with your professional one, you are much more likely to forget something and feel overwhelmed.

Review your past calendars

See how you did in terms of executing your plans, what you might have missed, and what was great and should be repeated. Often, we have great plans that we schedule but end up never doing.

Reviewing the last week or even the last month can freshen up our memory and motivate us all over again.

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