Useful Tools & Software

Carefully curated lists of best solutions across different productivity-related categories.
Personally selected and tested by the Bordio team to provide you only with the best recommendation.

Why do we make these lists of useful tools and software?

Life only gets busier, and there is less and less time for most of us to stop and think about the ways we do things. Every day many new solutions and tools are launched that help us address certain issues and be more effective overall.

At Bordio, we understand that many people are willing to find new ways and improve their day-to-day workflow, but they simply lack the capacity to do the research. That’s why we took the time to go through the most raved-about solutions and create these custom lists with only proven tools that have already helped us make our lives better and can do the same for you.

Sharing is caring, so please feel free to go through each list and pick the tools that speak to you.

The importance of trying out new productivity tools

You might already have your established routine with helpful tools assisting you with daily to-dos, big goals, projects, and anything else. Even so, we encourage you to stay open-minded and have a look at different solutions on our list.

It’s helpful to test out new products for many reasons. First of all, each tool is different in its own way and can help you change your perspective on the way you approach things. Sometimes the little changes to how we work on something spike an unprecedented motivation level. And sometimes it just helps us get out of a rut which is pretty spectacular too.

Plus, when it comes to being productive and working on your goals, the more tools you try out and the more you learn about different tricks and lifehacks, the better you become at getting things done. After all, it’s not an exact science to be a high achiever, it’s a skill. And you can master it with enough practice and helpful software.