A better way to manage your team

Create a single schedule of all your activities and never switch between several tools again
Perfect for both private
and business use
Free plan is available for
private use and small teams
First public release is
scheduled for July 1, 2021

The Story behind
the Startup

How did it started? What was the reason of creating a task management tool? Why couldn't we use existing solutions? Watch this video to get all the answers directly from the founder.

We solve problems,
that are not solved by existing tools

The idea of building a task management tool came after 6 years of running Marketing Agency
Jacob Udodov
Founder of Bordio
In my Marketing Agency we've tried dozens of task & project
management systems:
Using all these tools our teammates quite often were stuck
with defining things:
  • What is my plan for today? Which tasks do I have to complete?
  • In which order I'm going to work on them?
  • What I've already done today and what I'm supposed to be doing right now?
  • What I'm going to do tomorrow or next week?
  • Do I have any free time tomorrow to take and complete 1 emergant task?
  • How busy is my schedule for this week? How many hours I have to work each day?
As a business owner I couldn't find the answers on simple
questions as well:
  • What is each of my team members working on today?
  • Which tasks has Megan already completed today and what is she working on right now?
  • What is my team's workload?
  • Do they have enough work to do this week?
  • Which tasks have been completed yesterday and which haven't?
  • Which projects and tasks are already scheduled and which are still in the waiting list?
The good news is that we've found a way to answer all these
questions on one single board.

It's not just another task management tool.
It's a completely different approach.

Schedule instead
of task lists
The problem with a task list is that often there are hundreeds of tasks and it's extremely difficult to manage them. Schedule can be considered as a bunch of task lists for each day. You can schedule all tasks and events on exact days and forget about them until that day comes. Focus on today's tasks only and keep your waiting list (backlog) clean.
Time blocks
instead of tasks
Many tools display tasks in calendar view, however few people use it, because it's misleading. It doesn't show you schedule, it shows your deadlines. The tasks are shown based on due date, which is totally wrong. Time blocks are going to solve this. You can schedule time block on 5th May 2021, while task's due date still is 10th May 2021. In addition to that you can create multiple time blocks for each task if it requires more than 1 day.
One board
instead of many
It's going to be the first tool which shows you all the tasks and events on one screen. Some existing tools support events, however you have to go to Calendar in order to create and see them. Our tool allows you to create and see both events and tasks on one board. You don't have to switch between task list and calendar no more.

Bordio is not about
features. It's about

Plan your week in advance
Set the right order for all activities (tasks & events)
Use waiting list to store not yet scheduled tasks
Use different colors for different types of tasks
See a complete list of your activities for each day
Access your schedule from any device

About us

We strongly believe that productivity is one of the key factors, which doesn't allow people to succeed. So we're developiong a task management tool, which is going to make people successful. Our company is based in Latvia (Europe), however we admit brilliant candidates from all over the world. As long as we are 100% self-funded startup, we don't need Investments at this moment
Jacob Udodov
Dimitry Kislichenko
Co-Founder, CTO
Dmitry Chernov
UX Designer
Elchin Imanov
Front-end Developer
Idea of Bordio
was born
First prototypes
designed and
joined as CTO
Full Design is
Backend is
First MVP for
limited users
First public

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