Task Maker For Private And Business Use

The task maker has everything you need to plan and structure your days for success. Work on your tasks, create events, manage projects.

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Task maker calendar
Task maker calendar
Task maker calendar
Task maker calendar
Task maker calendar
Task maker
Task maker
Task maker
Task maker
Task maker
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Task maker board
Task maker board
Task maker board
Task maker board
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Bordio all projects
Bordio all projects
Bordio all projects
Bordio all projects
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Bordio notes
Bordio notes
Bordio notes
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How does the task maker by Bordio work?
Bordio’s task maker explained in 2 minutes
tasks and events on a single board

Manage work and personal tasks and events in the task maker

Our task planner is made to accommodate all your planning and organizing needs. And in order to maximize your productivity, you need to be able to see 100% of what has to be done in one place.

If your tasks, lists of chores, and planned events are scattered around several apps and paper notebooks, you will have a very hard time comprehending your full workload. Something will always be missed, and you’ll end up letting yourself and others down. We don’t want that to happen to you, that’s why we’ve united everything on one board.

Backlog for your random ideas

Got a random idea? Write it down in the task maker’s waiting list

Whenever you’re in the middle of something and get an idea, a thought, or remember something that needs to be done – write it down on the waiting list.

The waiting list is available to all electronic planner users and it serves as a single spot for anything that’s on your mind that you can’t resolve in the nearest future. Keep those thoughts safely on the list, and come back to review them once you have time.

Task maker and Google Calendar integration

Integrate the task maker with Google Calendar

Whether you need to connect your Google Calendar to your schedule planner or have someone who needs to be in the loop about the event but doesn’t use Bordio – we have you covered.

The integration with Google Calendar is extremely easy and takes only a few clicks. Once you’re done, all your Google events will be shown in the Bordio calendar. And to connect a user to a Bordio event, add their email address to the participants’ list. They will get an email invite and, once accepted, they’ll see the event in their Google Calendar.

Create projects in your task maker

Create, monitor, and manage projects with the task maker

Sometimes a task is not enough. When you work on a bigger endeavor, you need project management functionality to keep everything under control and working well. Bordio offers you the key functionality that every person in charge of the project requires, without overcomplicating the process.

Bordio schedule builder enables you to easily start and work on multiple projects at the same time. You can launch projects for corporate or personal life, work on them with someone, or alone. Projects are created with a couple of clicks, and you can add them to Favorites for quick access and track everyone’s progress with tasks. All important information can be stored in the Notes section for everyone to see.

Improve productivity with smart tasks

Being productive and getting things done comes down to the systems we create for ourselves. And with the schedule maker, it all starts with a task.

Detailed information in the task maker

Creating tasks in Bordio is very easy. You can click anywhere on your schedule to create a new task or use the Add New button on top. The task’s name, deadline, owner, and description can all be changed and updated whenever necessary, and you can move tasks by dragging and dropping them.

The description section is made for you to store all key instructions, and time blocks will ensure you have time reserved for the week to do the work.

Plan your workload in the task maker

Plan smarter with task duration estimates in the task-maker

Paying attention to where your time goes and how much particular work takes you is empowering. You get to understand what your days are actually spent on, and you can make more accurate plans for the future.

With our digital daily planner, you get to add an estimated time duration for every task you create when you create them or later. If your original prediction was off, you can always adjust it. Do this for all tasks during the day, and you will see your total workload at the top of each day in the planner.

Keep track of completed tasks

Keep up with completed tasks in the task maker

When you’re done with a task and mark it as Completed in Bordio, it doesn’t go away from the task maker but rather turns grey. As you move on with the day, more items on the list will be changing color, and you’ll be able to visually see the progress you’ve made.

Being able to view completed tasks helps you feel better about yourself when you’re stressed about not doing enough. And the opposite is true as well, if you’re always busy and nothing really gets done, it’s a good way to find out something needs to change.

Split task into several time blocks in the maker

Stay on top of all deadlines with time blocks in the task maker

Creating tasks for yourself is step one. Step two is completing them. And it’s not always as straightforward as it sounds. So if you need extra help with completing your job, time blocks are there for you.

Time blocks are placeholders in your time organizer that reserve the time for specific tasks and ensure you don’t overbook yourself and actually have the capacity to accomplish everything planned. You can add one or several time blocks and make them short (15 minutes) or long (up to 10 hours).

Tasks and events recurrences

Use tasks and events recurrences to optimize planning

All of us have some type of recurring tasks and events happening. Maybe it’s your PT sessions in the gym, weekly sprint reviews with the team, or lectures you’re attending after work.

Whatever it is – they need to be reflected on the schedule. And the best way to do it is to create recurring events that will automatically roll over to the following weeks. Don’t waste your time on manually copy-pasting, better spend these five minutes on stretching or getting some fresh air. Bordio will do everything for you.

Meeting agenda in the task maker

Run better meetings with the task maker

You can’t fully control how the meeting goes, and what outcomes you get. Yet, you have some power that lies in the preparation. Use event-related features to maximize your chances of a productive session.

Create meeting reminders that are helpful. Choose to run them either last minute (0-15 minutes before) or give your team extra time by having the notification pop up 24 hours before. Write a detailed agenda and follow-up notes in the Description section of the event.

Find date in your task maker

Find the date you need in no time with the task maker

When you’re planning for the distant future or need to review something from the past, the last thing you need is to waste time trying to locate the right date.

With our time manager, you get to choose from two options: you can scroll left or right, or you can use the quick navigation on top of the board. Scrolling goes up to 30 days from the current date, so you can use it to find something specific or to plan the upcoming week starting from an odd day, such as Tuesday. The quick navigation enables you to jump months, and you can go back instantly by clicking the Today button.

Change the interface of the task maker

A small change in the tools you work with can help you boost motivation and productivity. Bordio’s time planner lets you change the interface through color and by hiding part of the functionality.

Our custom-designed palette offers a selection of soft colors that you can assign to different projects, tasks, or events to visualize your workload better. Hiding functionality, such as the waiting list and columns with projects and tools, helps you achieve an even more minimalistic look.

Download time manager app for free

Download the task maker app today

Forget about sitting at your desk to keep up with plans and to-dos. Bordio’s powerful mobile app helps you take your personal and work commitments anywhere you go and access them 24/7.

Check on how well your team is doing with the project, update your waiting list, schedule meetings, and look through the tasks – all through your smartphone.

Key benefits of using Bordio’s task maker

The task maker by Bordio helps you succeed by:

  • Offering a clear plan for the weeks
  • Reducing the stress caused by chaos
  • Removing the decision fatigue
  • Cutting down on time waste
  • Pushing important tasks to top priority
  • Helping you achieve more every day