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Work on tasks and events, create to-dos, and collaborate on projects. Keep all your plans and commitments in one place for ultimate productivity. Replace all your planning tools with Bordio.

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Electronic planner
Electronic planner
Electronic planner
Electronic planner
Electronic planner
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Electronic planner list
Electronic planner list
Electronic planner list
Electronic planner list
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Electronic planner board
Electronic planner board
Electronic planner board
Electronic planner board
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Bordio all projects
Bordio all projects
Bordio all projects
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How does Bordio’s electronic organizer planner work?
Bordio’s electronic organizer planner explained in 2 minutes
Projects in the eletronic planner

Launch private or team projects with Bordio’s electronic calendar planner

Everyone is a project manager today. Even if your job title doesn’t say it. We either run small, unofficial projects at work or deal with personal projects in our private lives, such as house renovations, wedding planning, or following our dream and changing our lifestyles.

Whatever it is you’re working on, Bordio’s weekly schedule maker is there for you. Create projects in Bordio within seconds, add tasks and events, and invite participants to help you. Add a unique color from the palette to your project to make it stand out in your electronic calendar planner. Write insightful notes to ensure all key project data is safely stored. Track progress by reviewing everyone’s completed tasks.

Google calendar integration with electronic planner

Add Google Calendar to your electronic day planner

Love Bordio but still need to use Google Calendar for work or personal projects? No worries! We support Google Calendar integration, and it only takes a minute to set up. Once done, you’ll see all your Google events in the familiar Bordio interface.

And if you need to invite non-Bordio users to your events, type in their email in the event participants’ list and they will be automatically invited by email. Once they accept the event, they’ll see it in their Google Calendar and you’ll have a confirmation green check mark next to their avatar.

Add time blocks in the electronic day planner

Add time blocks to important tasks to ensure they get done

We are all about building systems that support us and make us succeed. Time blocking is one of the most efficient ways, in our experience, to meet deadlines and work through complex tasks even when we don’t want to. Time blocks are created before the task is due to help you work through your assignments in a timely manner.

When you create a task, add time blocks that would automatically reserve the time in your calendar to work on this task. You can choose as many time blocks as you want and make them short (10-20 minutes) or long (2-3 hours or even more).

Tasks and events together in the electronic planner

Work on all tasks and events in the electronic day planner

Ditch all your calendar and planning apps and use Bordio task tracker instead. The single board accommodates both tasks and events, so you won’t have to switch back and forth wasting time and confusing yourself more than you need to.

When you get to see both tasks and events in a single day planner, you get a precise understanding of what awaits you on the day, and you can plan your energy and set priorities more mindfully.

Save unscheduled tasks to the waiting list

Save all your unscheduled future tasks on the waiting list

Have you ever heard of the mind sweep technique? It’s when you take a piece of paper or an app and write down absolutely all ideas, thoughts, worries, and to-dos that are on your mind all the time. Having it all written down in one place gives your brain a break. You no longer have to remember all of that, but instead can simply peek into the list every now and then and work on a couple of items from it.

We seriously recommend you try it, and we have a perfect place for storing them – the waiting list. It is available to all Bordio’s time organizer users and you can treat it as a secondary planner. Save all unscheduled tasks there for the time being, and go back to it every once in a while to look through and choose what to tackle this week.

Creating tasks in Bordio’s electronic planner is easy and fun

For many people, task creation and logging is a dull process. We want to change that! Bordio’s time manager online makes the process intuitive and leaves no important details behind.

Task card in the electronic planner

All Bordio users can create tasks by simply clicking on their schedule. Tasks are assigned to you by default but you can easily reassign it to someone else on your team. The description area is perfect for detailed instructions and useful references. Once the task is created, users can update its status from Scheduled to In Progress to Completed.

Whether you create a task for yourself or someone in your team, it needs to be detailed and precise to ensure you get the results you want. To help with that, Bordio offers you several tools within the task creation functionality. And if you’re worried that the task is time-consuming and you might not meet the deadline, it is possible to create time blocks that will serve as placeholders for future work sessions and will keep you on track.

Recurring tasks and events in the electronic planner

Create recurring tasks and events in the electronic-planner

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be creating duplicate tasks and events when they can be set to automatically appear in your electronic-planner through a recurring sequence. Schedule repeating tasks and save time on manually typing them in and avoid the risk of forgetting about them.

Have recurring tasks and events run every day, every workday, once a week, a month, or a year. And if you need an odd recurrence, you can fully customize it to meet your needs. Use recurring tasks for habit tracking, professional goals, or personal reminders.

Check completed tasks in your planner

View all completed tasks in the electronic planner

Instead of turning invisible, completed tasks in Bordio stay in your schedule builder but turn grey to visually separate them from the pending tasks and events. Why is that? That’s easy – if you never see how much you’ve accomplished, you can lose motivation to continue the work or not be able to estimate how much progress you’ve made.

Keeping completed tasks in the calendar helps you be more productive and become a better planner. You can estimate how much work you can accomplish in a day based on the completed tasks’ history. And you can view that for everyone on your project team too, helping you plan the following activities with more accuracy.

Set time estimates to your tasks

Set time estimations in the electronic day planner

Smart planning is a skill that is mastered with the help of useful tools and functionality. One of the best ways to become a more precise planner is to estimate correctly how much time every task takes you. How to do that? With Bordio’s time estimations, of course.

Every time you create a task, add time estimation to it. Do this for all your tasks, and you will be able to see the total day’s workload in your electronic calendar planner. If a task has taken you less or more time than you anticipated, simply update the estimation field. With time, you’ll get a good feel for how much certain types of work take you, and you’ll be able to plan future tasks, events, and projects more professionally.

Set colors to your electronic planner

Add colors to your electronic organizer planner

Bordio schedule planner online can be used for everything in your life – main job, personal tasks, side projects, habits, education, etc. Assigning unique colors from the palette to specific activity types will help you instantly see what takes most of your time, and what you are focusing on on any given day.

Using colors is not only fun but it also visualizes your actual priorities, and not what you’re saying you’re dedicating most of your attention to. For example, if you say that sport is important for you but the calendar shows that you only spend 30 minutes a week doing it, then you might need to change something.

Hide interface elements for an extremely minimalistic view

Whether you have a smaller screen, like absolute minimal interfaces, or don’t want to see elements you only use occasionally – you can hide parts of the interface and bring them back when your requirements change.

Bordio’s flexibility goes far and wide and includes the flexibility of the solution’s view. Users have the option to hide columns with projects and tools, and the waiting list. Keep only what you work with on a daily basis or show all elements of the product – the choice is yours.

Make team meetings more efficient

Make team meetings more efficient with an electronic day planner

What separates successful meetings from mediocre ones? Planning and preparation! At Bordio, we don’t like wasting our time, that’s why we’ve added little perks that can elevate every meeting that you host.

First, you can add meeting reminders that can be scheduled to run either at the time of the event, 5 to 30 minutes before it starts, or even 24 hours before. Second, the description section of the event allows you to type in a full agenda with any extra tasks, questions, or useful links for participants, helping your team come prepared and not be blindsided by what you want to discuss. Meeting notes and any other insight can be safely stored in events’ details for further review.

Duplicate tasks in the electronic planner

Try all the tricks that make working with electronic planner easier and faster

Creating tasks and scheduling events takes a few clicks. We don’t like wasting time, so with Bordio you only do what’s helping you get to your end goal. Click anywhere in the electronic calendar planner and hit Add New to create a new item. Assign tasks for your project mates the same way. Update the tasks’ statuses from scheduled, to in progress, or completed to help yourself and others see the progress of the work.

Scroll the calendar left or right up to a month from your current date to plan starting with odd days like Tuesday or Friday. And when scrolling feels like too much, use the quick navigation at the top of the calendar to get you to the date you need.

Electronic planner mobile app

Stay productive 24/7 anywhere you are with the electronic planner app

Download the Bordio mobile app to access your electronic day planner 24/7. Take it with you to the park, check your plan for the day during your commute, and update meetings and events in between your errands.

Stay productive anywhere you are. Don’t let your productivity be defined by whether you’re at your desk or not. Work anywhere you want, write down new ideas when creativity strikes you, and stay up to date with your to-do lists.

Key benefits of using an electronic day planner by Bordio

Our online planner will change your life for the better:

  • Highlight what’s important
  • Create a structure for your days
  • Change your perception of planning
  • Show you where the time is going
  • Assist you in achieving goals faster
  • Make you more productive every day
  • Save you from feeling overwhelmed
  • Foster collaboration with the team