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Track all your team’s tasks in a simple online task tracker. Add tasks, assign them to your teammates, and track the progress.

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How does Bordio’s task tracker work?
Bordio’s task tracker explained in 2 minutes

View all tasks and events via a multi-user board 

Isn’t it annoying when you have to switch between your to-do list and the calendar to plan the day or schedule a meeting? Well, you won’t need to worry about that with Bordio’s daily work tracker!

Using a multi-user board for all tasks and events and managing them without wasting time on going back and forth gets you ahead. You get things done quicker, stay on top of all your commitments, and achieve more every single day.

waiting list in the task tracker

Use the waiting list for all your ideas and unscheduled tasks

The problem with many task trackers and lists is that we write down all the things we need to do, and half of them never end up being done. Or we think that future plans have no place in our weekly planner, so we promise to remember them but keep forgetting about them altogether. 

Bordio has a solution for it – the waiting list that is a placeholder for anything and everything that’s been on your mind. Essentially, the waiting list is like a second to-do list, but unlike your primary daily work tracker, the waiting list doesn’t require immediate action. You can simply write down everything you want to work on at some point in the future. This is a place where you can brain-dump your thoughts and worries, and keep them safe until later.

project management in the task tracker app

Manage your private and shared projects in Bordio’s task tracker

Working on projects alone or with others doesn’t have to be difficult. Bordio’s task tracker enables you to work on multiple projects at a time, share them with others, get creative, and reach the best results faster.

Sometimes a task is not enough. Online task planner enables users to create and manage multiple projects to achieve their goals. You can work on projects on your own or with a team, create tasks for others and track their progress, and get updates on changes in your tasks. The viewing history of completed tasks allows you to look back at the workflow and make improvements for the future.

Create better tasks with the online task tracker

How you create tasks often defines how well you’ll execute them. Make sure you prepare yourself well with tasks in Bordio.

Task information in the task tracker

All tasks that you create in the task tracker can be reassigned to someone else in one click. They are also equipped with a description section where you can type in anything that is helpful to work on the task. The Estimated Time field can be used if you want to track how much time the work is taking you. Add the suggested time before you’ve started, and update it once the task is complete for maximized accuracy.

And to help you complete the task on time, add time blocks that will reserve the space in your time planner app and help you meet the deadline prepared and stress-free.

Create time blocks in the task tracker by Bordio

Create time blocks in the task tracker for complex to-dos

Adding a task to the to-do list or even scheduling it on a specific date doesn’t always mean the task will be completed. And we can’t afford to miss deadlines anymore! So, to avoid that, create time blocks for all big or important tasks. Time blocks ensure you are productive and avoid a last-minute rush. They keep your anxiety low and help keep you accountable.  

Essentially, time blocks are placeholders for your future work sessions. If you have a deadline on Friday afternoon, and the task takes 5 hours, you can assign two time blocks to it for Tuesday (2 hours) and Thursday (3 hours), so that on Friday, when the deadline comes, you’ll already finish most or all of the work. 

Google Calendar integration in the task tracker

Add Google Calendar to the daily task tracker

Bordio supports both events and tasks, but if you still need to use Google Calendar, you can easily integrate it into your digital daily planner, so you won’t have to go back and forth between two apps. 

It only requires a few clicks to integrate Google Calendar into Bordio, and once that is done, all of Google’s events will be shown in our tracker. You’ll be able to work on everything via a single user-friendly interface without wasting any time.

Analyze completed tasks in Bordio

View and analyze completed tasks in the task tracker

What happens when you tick the task as complete? Does it disappear from the list? Well, not with Bordio. We believe in the importance of seeing the workload you’ve done and being able to analyze it to make yourself more efficient and effective in the future.  

That’s why in Bordio’s free time organizer all completed tasks are automatically marked grey and remain visible on the list. With that, users are more motivated to continue the work because they see how far they’ve come already. Plus, the question of where did the time go doesn’t come up because you know exactly where it went. 

Add time estimates in the tracker

Add time estimations to your tasks in the tracker

With Bordio, you don’t just know what you did but also how long it took you. As you create tasks, add the estimated time of completion to them and adjust it later for more accuracy. Do that for all tasks, and you’ll have a reliable estimation of your total day’s workload. 

Time estimation is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to take control of their time. It helps you understand your work patterns better and plan future work more precisely. It helps you set correct timelines and meet deadlines. And if you work with the team, you can see how much each of them has been working daily. 

Invite usesr to your events in the task tracker

Add external users to your Bordio task-tracker events

Personally, we don’t see why someone wouldn’t want to use the powerful and free Bordio task maker, but if you work with someone who is not a Bordio user, you can still invite them to join your events.

To do that, add their email to the list of participants which will trigger an email invite to this person. Once they accept, they will see your event in their Google Calendar, and you will see the green check mark next to their avatar that signifies they’re now part of the event. 

Scroll the task tracker left or right for better planning

Not all planning happens on Monday, and sometimes we need to see the week starting from an odd day, for example, Wednesday to Wednesday. With Bordio, it won’t be an issue! You can scroll your task tracker left or right up to one month from the current date. 

You can decide exactly when the week starts in your tracker and work comfortably, not having to click back and forth from one week to the other. You can scroll by clicking the button in the upper right corner or by using your laptop’s pad or mouse. 

Quick navigation in Bordio's task tracker

Try quick navigation in the task tracker

Say you don’t want to scroll to locate the date you need. In that case, you can go to the top of the tracker where you’ll see the quick navigation option. You can have the entire month’s view or scroll through the months. And when you’re done, go back to the current date by clicking the Today button. 

Quick navigation is handy when you work with far-off dates to schedule events or important meetings or need to block time off for vacation or studies.

Hide elements of the daily task tracker for a cleaner look

Bordio’s task tracker is executed with a focus on minimalism. We don’t add details and graphics just for the sake of it because nothing should distract you from your work. 

Several of the schedule builder’s interface elements can be hidden and easily returned once you need them. Users can hide columns with projects and tools, as well as the waiting list. Do it to achieve extreme focus or if you have a smaller screen.

Create order of tasks and events

List your tasks and events in the task tracker based on urgency

All tasks and events in Bordio can be easily moved around. If your plans or priorities change, simply drag and drop them to the right spot. Nothing is set in stone, and the tracker allows you to be as flexible as you need. 

So, if your schedule is very dynamic or something needs to be readjusted because of an external change, you can easily move your entire schedule to accommodate new needs. A bonus life hack from our team: move completed tasks to the top of your day for more clarity on the remaining workload. 

Create recurring tasks and events

Utilize recurring tasks and events to your advantage

Recurring tasks and events save you time. By scheduling them for all repetitive commitments, you free yourself from needless work and avoid the risk of forgetting about something. In Bordio’s employees’ task tracker, you can set recurring events and tasks to run daily, every workday, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can also customize them to run on specific days every week and finish on any date. 

And if you only need to repeat the task or the event just once, duplicate them instead of creating a recurring one. That way, you won’t have to manually copy-paste the details and you won’t have to cancel the recurring sequence later either.

Use different colors for tasks and events

Use color coding in the task tracker

Bordio is an all-in-one solution. You can use it for private projects, work on something with the team, plan personal goals and chores, or work on your education and career development. 

When there is so much going on at once, using built-in colors to differentiate the activity types can be a blessing. With colors, it only takes users a quick glance at their schedule to understand what awaits them on a given day. It is also great for reviews where you need to figure out how you spend your time.  

Manage your meetings in Bordio

Manage your meetings like a pro with the task tracker

Not all meetings are equally successful. Bordio enables you to make yours better by coming prepared. First of all, add reminders that all users will receive prior to the meeting. You can schedule them to pop up at the time of the start of the meeting, or 5,10,15, 30 minutes, or 24 hours in advance. 

Write the agenda and the description that meeting participants can review in advance and join the meetings with ideas and comments ready. Add notes to the meeting after it’s finished with key points summarized so that the team can review them later if necessary.

Bordio Task tracker mobile app
Take the daily task tracker anywhere you go with the mobile app

More than ever we find ourselves on the go, and having 24/7 access to your tasks and events is critical. Bordio’s mobile app for the weekly-schedule-planner allows you to stay productive anywhere in the world – at home, on a commute, and even on a remote tropical island. All you need is an internet connection.

The mobile app is robust and fully duplicates the functionality of the web version, so you will be able to work on all projects, events, notes, and tasks that you’ve created.

Key benefits of using a free task tracker by Bordio

Not sure the task tracker will benefit you? Here’s why it’s more impactful than you think:

  • Gives your life a structure
  • Makes you less overwhelmed
  • Shows you where your time goes
  • Reminds about important tasks
  • Lets you achieve more in less time
  • Helps get to your goals faster