Virtual Planner for Organizing Work

Consolidate all your planning and organizing efforts in one place. Use Bordio for time management, goal setting, project execution, creative brainstorming, and event planning.

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Virtual planner
Virtual planner
Virtual planner
Virtual planner
Virtual planner
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Virtual planner list
Virtual planner list
Virtual planner list
Virtual planner list
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Virtual planner board
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Virtual planner board
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Bordio all projects
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How does Bordio’s virtual planner work?
Bordio’s virtual planner explained in 2 minutes
Create tasks in 2 clicks in the virtual planner

Create tasks or events within seconds in the best virtual planner

Bordio users are always on the go, working on the next big thing, and navigating multiple projects at a time. They don’t have the time to waste on a lengthy task or event creation process, that’s why we make it super easy to log a new item on your virtual planner.

It’s enough to click on the day you’re planning and hit the Add New button to create a task or an event on your calendar. You can do the same for your team by clicking on their schedules. Scroll left or right for up to one month to schedule new to-dos or review the workload for any given day. Keep yourself and your colleagues accountable by logging your plans right away. Change tasks’ statuses from Scheduled to In Progress to Completed to track how well you’re doing.

Control your workload with time estimates

Take control of your daily workload with time estimations

Human beings tend to underestimate how long something takes to complete and overestimate how much we work during the day. Both are serious issues for anyone who’s looking to win back control over their time and achieve more within the 24 hours that we have.

Whenever you create a new task in Bordio’s free time manager, you can type in the estimated time you believe that task will take. The number can be changed once you’re finished with the task to match the actual time it consumed. If you add time estimations to all your Bordio tasks, you get an accurate calculation of the workload in hours. You can use it for planning of future tasks and projects.

Work on all tasks and events via Virtual planner board

Work on all tasks and events via a virtual planner board

Elevate your planning experience with Bordio by having all events and tasks available in a single planner board. Don’t waste time switching between different apps and stop forgetting about important events or to-dos because they’re only logged in one place but not the other.

We are firm believers in the benefits of a single place for all daily planning and scheduling. That’s why we encourage all our users to include both personal and professional commitments to their Bordio task organizer online. After all, we don’t live two separate lives, and work influences our free time and vice versa. Including both of them in your planning activity makes you more reliable and a high achiever.

Waiting list for virtual planner

Save all your unscheduled future tasks on the waiting list

Sometimes we have brilliant ideas that we can’t start working on right away. What happens then? That’s right, we forget about them and these ideas never come to life. We at Bordio have fallen victim to this pattern one too many times, so we created a genius solution – the waiting list.

Think of the waiting list as a placeholder for all your creative thoughts, future plans, chore reminders, and random ideas. Write them down on the waiting list and check them every once in a while to schedule some tasks in the upcoming weeks. That way, those thoughts won’t clog your brain and cause anxiety, and you would not forget about them altogether.

Virtual planner and Google Calendar integration

Integrate Google Calendar and its users into Bordio virtual planner

For clients who need to work with Google Calendar or partner with non-Bordio users, we have integrations available that enable smooth collaboration.

Integrating Google Calendar takes only a few clicks and, once it’s done, you can see all Google events straight in the Bordio interface. And if you need to invite a Google Calendar user to your Bordio event, add their email address to the participants’ list and the system will send them an auto-invite. Once accepted, they will see the event in the calendar and you will note a green check mark next to their avatar confirming that they’re now a part of the event.

Powerful tasks – step one to productivity and efficiency

Such little things like logging a task for ourselves have a huge influence on how much we accomplish during the day. That’s why we pay special attention to task logging in Bordio’s time planner.

Opened task in the virtual planner

To create a new task, simply click on any space in the planner and choose Add Task. Next, choose the most appropriate name that would signal what the task is all about and select a deadline. Once that is out of the way, users can add detailed descriptions and choose the task owner.

To ensure the task deadline is met, add time blocks that will reserve the time on the calendar specifically for work on that task. Update task statuses to help everyone on the team see your progress.

Time blocks in the virtual planner

Add time blocks for big tasks for better productivity

Have you ever missed a deadline because you’ve postponed the work on a task until the last minute only to realize there’s not enough time for you to complete it? We know we have! As an antidote, we added time blocks to the Bordio virtual planner. Whenever you create a task, add time blocks that would reserve the time in a week for work on that specific task.

For example, if you have a task that you estimate will take you 7 hours to complete, you can create three time blocks: 2 x 2 hours and 1 x 3 hours. Add them to the days prior to the deadline, and just like that you’ll have three full working sessions allocated in your calendar. Even if you don’t end up completing 100% of the task, you’ll have much more progress than if you haven’t scheduled a single time block.

Manage projects in the virtual planner

Manage all personal and shared projects in the virtual planner

Bordio’s virtual planner supports the teams and projects. Users can create project-related tasks, invite participants, add notes, and review everyone’s progress with completed tasks’ history. If you work on a group project and someone changes a task assigned to your name, you get notified, so you don’t miss any important updates.

Adding different colors to projects helps visualize the workload and instantly shows what your focus for any given day is. Adding a project to Favorites pings it on the top of the interface for quick access.

Recurring events in Bordio virtual planner

Create recurring tasks and events in the virtual-planner

Save time, stay on top of all commitments, and build healthy habits with recurring tasks and events. Just like regular tasks, recurring ones are super easy to set up and edit. Schedule them once and forget about having to manually retype the details and descriptions.

Recurring tasks and events in Bordio’s task planner app can be scheduled to repeat every: day, workday, week, month, or year. Alternatively, users can set them up to run on any chosen day of the week. You can set recurring tasks for habit reminders, regular team catch-ups, taxes payment, or anything else that’s important to you.

Keep track of completed tasks in Bordio

Keep track of completed tasks in the virtual planner app

Part of staying consistent with task planning and execution lies in motivation. It’s rewarding to see how far you’ve come, that’s why we don’t hide completed tasks, but mark them grey and let users see them on their boards. That way, you don’t just have an endless list of what you are yet to tackle but can review and analyze what you’ve already accomplished.

Besides helping you keep your productive energy high, visible completed tasks help estimate your daily workload and spot trends. For example, if you see that day after day you complete 5-7 tasks, but 5 more remain unfinished and roll over to the next day – it is a signal that something needs to change.

Customize your virtual planner

Bordio’s virtual planner is made flexible, so it can reflect who you are, what your priorities are, as well as your personal design preferences. One of the ways to customize the solution is by hiding or showing elements of the interface: the column with projects, the tools column, and the waiting list. Whether you want to freshen up the look, make better use of a smaller screen, or simply hide features you don’t use on a daily basis – Bordio enables you to do that.

Another way to make the electronic planner your own is through color-coding different activities. Bordio offers a palette of neutral and calm colors that users can assign to specific projects, tasks, or events. Besides brightening up the planner, colors act as a subtle yet efficient visualizer of the workload. It only takes a quick glance for you to see what kind of work awaits you when the entire schedule is color coded.

Run better meetings with virtual planner

Run better meetings with the best virtual planner

Meetings can and should be productive and fun! A big part of the success lies in preparation for the meeting. Our virtual planner helps you prepare like a pro with smart reminders (set them up to go off at the time of the event, or 5-10-15-30 minutes before, or one day in advance), agenda (add it quickly in the description section of the event), and post-meeting notes (log key insights and next steps that everyone can review later on).

Time is too precious to waste on non-efficient meetings. Use the built-in Bordio functionality to make your meetings with the team, clients, and partners better. Maximize the benefit from the time you spend together and achieve great results, whether in your professional or personal lives.

Navigate easily your virtual planner

Navigate the virtual planner’s calendar like a pro

We’ve already mentioned that all Bordio users can scroll their calendars left or right up to one month from the current date. If you don’t want to scroll or need to access a date that’s too far off, use quick navigation to save time.

You will see the month’s overview and will be able to choose the date you need or scroll the months to find the one you’re interested in. Use it anytime you need to remember what was done on a specific day in the past or plan for the future.

Download virtual planner on your mobile phone

Access your virtual planner 24/7 via a mobile app

You don’t need to be at your desk to plan your days and stay productive. Download Bordio’s virtual planner app and access all tasks, events, projects, and notes anywhere anytime. All you need is access to the internet.

Plan new events during a commute, brainstorm creative solutions as you’re waiting in the bank, and update project tasks in between client meetings. Don’t let the hectic rhythm of life affect your productivity. Stay on top of your to-do list 24/7.

Main benefits of using a virtual planner by Bordio

A good schedule planner can make a huge difference to your quality of life. Here’s how Bordio does it:

  • Saves your time by removing anything that doesn’t add value
  • Helps you stick to planning by making it easy and fun
  • Adds clarity to your life through a clear daily structure
  • Reduces stress and anxiety caused by chaos in plans
  • Makes sure you work on important tasks consistently
  • Gets you to your end goals faster without panic mode
  • Fosters teamwork and collaboration
  • Enables you to achieve more within the day