Schedule Planner For Personal and Business Use

A good schedule planner is like a free assistant – it helps you organize your day better, highlights top priorities, and motivates you to accomplish more.

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Schedule planner
Schedule planner
Schedule planner
Schedule planner
Schedule planner
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Schedule planner list
Schedule planner list
Schedule planner list
Schedule planner list
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Schedule planner board
Schedule planner board
Schedule planner board
Schedule planner board
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Bordio all projects
Bordio all projects
Bordio all projects
Bordio all projects
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How does Bordio’s schedule planner work?
Bordio’s schedule planner explained in 2 minutes
Projects inside the schedule planner

Create and manage private or shared projects in Bordio’s schedule planner

Every little detail matters when it comes to projects, especially the project management software. It needs to be simple yet functional, powerful yet lightweight. Bordio’s schedule planner is all that and more!

There’s nothing easier than running projects with Bordio. Create multiple projects and manage them privately or with a team. Assign and edit tasks for team members and get notified when someone makes a change to your task. Review how everyone is doing via completed tasks and plan the workload better for the upcoming projects.

Repeating tasks in your schedule planner

Save time with recurring tasks and events in the schedule planner

Do you notice that you keep on creating similar tasks or events in your task organizer? Stop this time waste now! Bordio helps you be more efficient by creating recurring tasks and events. Set everything up once and have it automatically pop up in your upcoming weeks and months.

Bordio users can choose the frequency that feels right to them. Events and tasks can be run every day of the week or just on weekdays. They can be weekly, monthly, yearly, or fully custom, for example, run on Tuesdays and Wednesdays every other week. You can also make tasks duplicates if you just need them to be repeated once.

Reorganize tasks in the schedule planner

Reorganize tasks and events based on their urgency

Flexibility is very important to us, that’s why we make tasks and events easily movable in Bordio’s schedule maker. Users can drag and drop all items on their schedules within seconds, helping them update their timelines whenever plans change.

We believe that change is inevitable in some way, shape, or form. It’s unrealistic to assume our plans will be set in stone and unfazed. Instead, change should be celebrated, and adjusting to it made easy.

Integrate Google Calendar with schedule planner

Integrate Google Calendar with Bordio’s e-schedule planner

If personal or work projects require you to use Google Calendar, worry not! We have you covered. Bordio’s e-schedule planner supports integration with Google Calendar which enables you to view all Google’s events right from the familiar interface of our virtual planner.

Alternatively, if you have external users who need to be a part of your Bordio events, you can add them to the meeting, allowing them to see all details via their Google Calendars. To do that, add the user’s email address to the participants’ list and Bordio will generate an auto-invite email. Once the user accepts the invite, they will be able to view the event in their calendar and you will see a green check mark next to their avatar.

Customize tasks in the schedule planner to set yourself up for success

Whether you create a task for yourself or someone in your team, it needs to be detailed and precise to ensure you get the results you want. To help with that, Bordio offers you several tools within the task creation functionality.

Task details in the schedule planner

First of all, when creating a task you choose the best-fitting name and the most appropriate deadline. Next, you check if the task is for you or not and reassign it to another user if necessary. The description section can be filled with anything task-related: detailed description of the process, suggested steps, desired end product, and links to additional information.

Each task can be supplemented with time blocks to ensure there is time reserved in the planner for the work. And, last but not least, users can change the tasks’ statuses from Scheduled to In Progress or Completed to help everyone keep track of the progress.

Keep your work and personal tasks and events on a single board

Life is too short to scroll back and forth between multiple planners and calendar apps! With Bordio, users get to create, view and manage all their tasks and events on a single board. It’s an all-in-one place for work and personal stuff that you can either manage on your own or share responsibilities with a team.

We are strong believers in the benefits of keeping everything on a single board. After all, we only have one life, and it’s much more productive to have a complete overview of all your commitments. It makes us better planners, reduces anxiety levels, and boosts our accountability.

Future plans list in the schedule planner

Store future plans and ideas safely in the schedule planner’s waiting list

What do you do when you have a creative idea or remember a long-overdue chore? Sometimes we write them down somewhere randomly, and sometimes we promise ourselves to remember them later. Both are not ideal because you are very likely to forget all about them.

As a solution to this problem, we created the waiting list – a single place for everything that’s on your mind that can’t be scheduled yet. Whenever you have an idea that you can’t start working on this week, write it down on the waiting list. Review it every once in a while and pick a few tasks that can be scheduled for the near future. The waiting list will keep your mind more relaxed while helping you move forward with your ideas and dreams.

View completed tasks in the schedule planner

View completed tasks in the schedule planner

Completed tasks often get a bad rep – you want to have them gone from your weekly schedule planner as soon you tick the Completed box. Yet we are confident it’s not the best way to go if you want to remain productive and motivated.

Completed tasks show us how far we’ve come and demonstrate the total workload we’ve tackled. If you can’t see them, you are stuck with an ever-rising list of pending tasks that leave you feeling depleted. Instead, Bordio keeps completed tasks in the schedule but colors them grey, allowing you to see not only what’s left to do but what you’ve already done.

Add time estimations

Add time estimations and see your workload in the schedule-planner

Time tracking is a powerful habit that will make you more successful, reliable, and accomplished. And we are here to help you with that! Bordio’s schedule-planner enables you to add estimated time for all your tasks. The system then calculates the total time you’ve worked for the day from all tasks and events, allowing you to see exactly how many hours you’ve powered through.

You can edit your estimations once the task is complete to make them more accurate. Do this for a few weeks, and you’ll be much more aware of how long things really take you. Use this tool to plan better for the future.

Schedule timeblocks in the planner

Schedule time blocks in the e-schedule planner for big tasks

Time blocks are perfect for anyone who struggles with meeting deadlines, lacks motivation for complex tasks, or wants to add more structure to their weeks. Whenever users create a task in Bordio, they can add one or multiple time blocks that will act as placeholders for the task during the week.

Say you have an important report due on Friday. If you plan your week on Monday and estimate that the report should take about 3 hours to complete, you can create two 1.5-hour time blocks for Tuesday and Thursday. With these time blocks in your calendar, you’ll be much more likely to finish the report even before the deadline. And if something goes wrong and you need more time – there is still wiggle room for you to finish everything before it has to be submitted.

Use different colors in the schedule planner

Personalize your schedule planner with color coding

Bordio’s schedule builder offers a soft color palette that helps differentiate various tasks from one another. Use it to separate private projects from work ones, chores from educational tasks, and habit-related events, such as PT sessions, from weekly meeting catchups.

Using different colors for each activity type is not only fun and pleasant to the eye. It serves the important purpose of visualizing how you spend your days. It can highlight what kind of work occupies most of your time and stops you from main priorities, and it can help you be more consistent with things you want to focus on.

Navigate the schedule planner any way you want

We want you to enjoy using Bordio, and we have many little tricks that make your experience with our schedule planner better. One of them is the option to scroll left or right for up to a month from the current date. It’s perfect for planning the week starting with random days (such as Tuesday or Friday), as it enables you to see the following seven days without having to go back and forth between two weeks, like with other planners.

If you need to open a date too far-off to scroll, use quick navigation to switch between months. Once you’re done, you can go back to the current week by clicking the Today button.

Team meetings in your schedule planner

Elevate your team meetings with the schedule planner

Whether you schedule meetings with your team, boss, client, or contractor – they should always be professional and present you in the best light. Bordio’s daily schedule maker is here to help you achieve all that.

Start by setting conscious meeting reminders that make the most sense in each case. Notification can pop up at the time of the start of the meeting, 5 to 30 minutes, 1 or 2 hours before, or even give participants a 24-hour reminder. Next, add the agenda to the description to ensure everyone comes prepared. Finally, add meeting notes with the next steps to ensure they’re not forgotten.

Hide or show interface elements in the schedule planner

Bordio enables you to hide or show several interface elements, including the waiting list and columns with projects and tools. Users can change their solution’s view in seconds depending on their preference.

Why is it important? Sometimes, it helps to hide tools you’re not actively using every day. It keeps you more focused, similar to cleaning your desk. And if you work on a smaller screen, sticking to fewer interface elements helps you see the key components better.

Schedule planner mobile app

Take the schedule planner anywhere you go

You don’t have to be at your desk to stay productive. Take the schedule planner with you anywhere you go by downloading the Bordio app. All you need is an internet connection.

Bordio’s schedule planner app unlocks access to all your tasks, events, projects, and waiting list items. Work on them on the way, while you wait for something or someone, and stay on top of your priorities 24/7.

Key benefits of using a schedule planner by Bordio

Schedule planners have more power over our lives than we think. They can:

  • Help you not be overwhelmed all the time
  • Allow you to take back the control over time
  • Make your days and life more structured
  • Enable you to achieve more during the day
  • Help you see top priorities and work on them
  • Find the time for you to work on your dreams