Daily Schedule Maker For Teams And Private Projects

If you need a single planning and organizing solution – you’re in luck! Bordio’s daily schedule maker is all that.

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Daily schedule maker
Daily schedule maker
Daily schedule maker
Daily schedule maker
Daily schedule maker
Daily schedule maker list
Daily schedule maker list
Daily schedule maker list
Daily schedule maker list
Daily schedule maker list
Daily schedule maker board
Daily schedule maker board
Daily schedule maker board
Daily schedule maker board
Daily schedule maker board
Bordio all projects
Bordio all projects
Bordio all projects
Bordio all projects
Bordio all projects
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Bordio notes
Bordio notes
Bordio notes
Bordio notes
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How does Bordio’s daily schedule maker work?
Bordio’s daily schedule maker explained in 2 minutes
Backlog of tasks in the daily schedule planner

Keep ideas and future plans on the waiting list

These days, everyone has way too many things on their mind at all times. As a result, we get more and more stressed, and half of the thoughts we have disappears before we can act on them.

To help fight this unwelcome scenario, Bordio’s online planner includes a waiting list. The waiting list is essentially an extra to-do list but for all things that are not yet scheduled or set in stone. All your potential business ideas, vacation plans, notes on process improvements, and future projects can go there. That way, your mind stays clear and focused on important and urgent stuff, and you get to keep track of every thought that comes to your mind without overloading yourself.

Do projects in the daily schedule maker

Succeed with personal and work projects with the daily schedule maker

Project management doesn’t have to be more complicated than it already is. An easy way to smooth things up with your project is to pick the right solution that will streamline the entire process for you. Bordio offers extensive functionality for project managers and anyone taking over that role.

Manage several projects at once or focus on just one at a time – Bordio is fit for any pace you take. Share project tasks with team members and get notified whenever your task is edited by someone. Document key things in the Notes section for everyone to see. Add top-priority projects to Favorites for quick access.

Keep all tasks and events on the daily schedule maker board

You don’t have to struggle with multiple apps to organize your work and personal life! Bordio’s task planner supports both tasks and events, allowing users to stick to one solution for all their organizational needs.

Using one tool instead of multiple means less chance of forgetting about something and more focus on current tasks. It’s much harder to forget about your kid’s school play and double-book yourself when you’re using one schedule maker for everything.

Link Google Calendar to your daily schedule maker

Link Google Calendar with Bordio’s daily schedule maker

Bordio covers all your planning, organizing, and scheduling needs, but if you still have to use Google Calendar, we have you covered too! Our integration with Google takes almost no time to set up, and once you’re done, you get to see all Google events in Bordio’s interface.

Whenever you have a Google Calendar user who needs to be a part of your Bordio event, add their email address to the list of participants. An auto-invite will be sent to this email, and once the user accepts it, they will see your event in their Google Calendar.

Create tasks that support your growth

Use all the tools to create powerful tasks that help you and your team do the work better. Start by writing an accurate task name and setting the right deadline. Change the responsible person if you’re creating a task for someone else.

Task information in daily schedule maker

Add detailed descriptions and keep on updating them with important information as you move on with the task.

Change the status from Scheduled to In progress to Completed to track progress. Don’t forget to assign time blocks for lengthy tasks that require more time.

Time estimates in the daily schedule maker

Add time estimations to tasks in the online daily schedule maker

When you work in our schedule builder, you can add task duration estimates to help you plan, review, and analyze the total workload for the day, week, and project. You can use this information to have a sincere look at how busy you are to adjust your planning accordingly.

Perhaps, if you’re always in a rush but you work only 4-5 hours a day in total, your daily schedule needs a makeover. Plus, whenever you plan the following weeks or think about projects, you can go back to the data in the planner and organize your workload with previous experience in mind, which will make you more accountable.

Track completed tasks in the daily schedule maker

Keep track of all completed tasks in the daily-schedule-maker

Working with a schedule maker that hides your tasks as soon as they’re complete can be a disservice to your productivity. When you don’t see how far you’ve come, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that incoming tasks’ flow never stops, feel anxious, and give up work overall.

Bordio’s schedule maker doesn’t remove or delete completed tasks from the schedule. Instead, it colors them grey, so you can easily spot what tasks are done and which ones still require some work. You can use this feature to get inspired to finish the day, report to the team or management, and plan the workload for the upcoming days.

Use timeblocks to complete big tasks

Use time blocks to complete big tasks on time

Sometimes we procrastinate on big and important tasks and jeopardize ourselves. And most of the time, it happens for no good reason! And if that’s the case with you, you need to use all resources at hand to fight it. Time blocks are one of those resources that you can apply and see immediate effects.

The way it works is that you create a task in Bordio’s schedule planner, and inside the task, you can add time blocks that would reserve minutes or hours on your schedule before the task’s deadline. You can have 1,5 or 10 time blocks and make them from 15 minutes to 10 hours each. Even if you don’t complete 100% of the task during those sessions, you’ll have significant progress.

Set repeats in the daily schedule maker

Add recurring tasks and events in the daily schedule maker

Don’t waste your time on silly things like manually adding repetitive tasks or events to your calendar. Create a recurring sequence instead! Whether you have weekly PT sessions, team catch-up calls, or therapy calls, you can save them in your calendar once and schedule them to repeat.

Bordio users can set recurrences to run every workday or 7 days a week, weekly, monthly, or yearly, or they can make a fully custom sequence. Need to repeat the task just once? Click on the three dots on the task and choose Duplicate.

Schedule meetings your the daily maker

Improve meetings with the daily-schedule-maker

Not all meetings are equally productive and to the point, but you can ensure the meetings you schedule with Bordio are as efficient as they can get. We offer several features that make your meetings and events a success.

First of all, our customizable notifications ensure you remind the team about the upcoming session well in advance for them to prepare. Choose to set a notification at the time of the event, 5,10,15, or 30 minutes before, or give colleagues a bit more time and have it pop up 1,2, or 24 hours before. Fill in the description section with key goals, questions, and pre-meeting tasks, such as brainstorming. After the meeting, update it with key insights and required follow-up actions.

Change colors of tasks or events

Separate tasks and meetings with colors

Our weekly schedule maker offers a palette of colors that users can add to different types of tasks, projects, and events.

This little trick will help your schedule look more friendly and the visualization will allow you to quickly see what type of work awaits you on any day. Use it to analyze what takes most of your time, and how much you actually work on important things, such as startup ideas and healthy habits.

Try different navigation options in the online daily schedule maker

The convenience of the planning and scheduling app is directly linked to how much you’ll be using it and, therefore, how much progress you make.

That’s why in Bordio you can choose between scrolling left or right for up to a month from the current day. Alternatively, go to the top of the interface to swap weeks and months and locate a distant date quickly. Once you’re done reviewing the past to-dos or planning far into the future, click Today and go back to the current week.

Play with interface elements to change the look of the daily schedule maker

Whether you have a smaller screen or want a change, you can hide 3 elements of Bordio’s task tracker interface: the waiting list, the column with projects, and the column with tools.

Try it out to see if a refreshed interface sparks your creativity and helps focus on the work. After all, everyone agrees that creating a clean physical space that is distraction-free is good for productivity. And it’s the same with digital spaces too.

Daily schedule maker mobile app

Download the daily schedule maker mobile app

Take your daily schedule planner anywhere you go with the modern mobile app. Powerful and lightweight, the app will keep you up to date with everything that you need to do.

Modern life is hectic, and it helps to stay grounded if you can keep track of upcoming tasks and events. So if you’re on the go a lot, use your smartphone to check your calendar every once in a while and avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed once you get back to your desk.

What are the benefits of using a daily schedule maker by Bordio?

Working with a daily schedule maker by Bordio will change your everyday life:

  • You will get a clear structure for your days and weeks
  • With a plan, your anxiety and stress levels will go down
  • Less time will be wasted as you’ll know what needs to be done
  • Important tasks will be prioritized above everything else
  • You will feel like you have more than 24 hours in a day
  • You’ll find the time to work on dreams and creative projects