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How does our online planner work?
Bordio’s online planner explained in 2 minutes
Tasks and events in one single online planner

View all tasks and events on a multi-user online planner board

Forget about having to switch between calendars and task lists! Being productive and getting things done often depends on the efficiency of the tools you are using. That’s why in Bordio’s online planners we put both events and tasks in one place.

This means that if you want to plan your workload and schedule tasks, you don’t have to double-check with the calendar and vice versa. Everything is already together in one place, and you can set yourself up for success faster and without forgetting essential commitments because they are logged in a different app or column.

Time blocks in the Online planner

Create time blocks for complex tasks in your planner online

Not all tasks that we create can be completed in one sitting. If you have a job that requires 5 hours of your undivided attention, drop it down into several time blocks and spread them across the next few days.

Let’s say you have a presentation to make that should take 4 hours in total. Create a task for presentation and add three time blocks for two, one, and one hour. Schedule the time blocks somewhere before the task deadline. Use time blocks as placeholders for productive work, and make yourself more accountable. Remember that you won’t be able to mark the task as Completed unless all time blocks associated with it are completed too.

Share projects in the online planner

Manage all your personal and shared projects in Bordio’s online planner

Working on a project alone or with peers has never been easier. Create projects in Bordio’s online planner, get creative, and achieve your goals in no time. Use all the tools the planner provides for the best results.

For anything that a simple task can’t fit, you can create a project. All projects support tasks, events, and multiple participants. You can set default colors for projects, so they don’t interfere with the rest of the workload in your planner. It’s easy to track progress with the project by viewing the history of completed tasks by all participants.

Change how you create tasks with the online planner

It all starts with a task. With understanding what needs to be done in order to reach your end goal. That’s why we pay special attention to tasks in Bordio’s free task planner.

Task details in the online planner

Users can click on the Add New button on the top of the planner or on any space in the calendar to create a task. The description field will store all relevant information that will help you execute the task as well as possible. If the task is better suited for someone else on your team – you can reassign it with a couple of clicks.

For precise time planning, add the Estimated Time that the task should require. If you end up finishing it faster or it takes longer, update the field to have relevant information for future reference. Lastly, add time blocks – placeholders for your schedule that ensure you have enough time to work on the tasks you created.

Create tasks in the online planner with 2 clicks

Create tasks and events in the planner online with a few clicks

Waste no time when scheduling new tasks and events. Bordio makes it very easy to add new items to your calendar planner. Simply click on the day when you want the task scheduled, or hit the Add New button on top. If you work on projects with a team, you can also create tasks and events for them.

Keep yourself and your team accountable by logging the upcoming commitments right away. Set up the name, date, and time estimation, and write notes before you save the task or edit it later if needed. Set due dates, and if they’re missed, tasks turn red. Change the tasks’ status from scheduled, to in progress, to completed and track your progress.

Single place for unscheduled tasks in the online planner

Have a single place for all your unscheduled future tasks

Each of us is familiar with a situation where we have a ton of things on our mind that we can’t yet schedule and plan. Not only is it tiring to remember all these things at once, but there is a real risk of forgetting about something important.

There is a way to combat this problem, and the tool to do it with is the waiting list. It is available to all users of Bordio’s online calendar and is located to the right of the main planner view. Use it to write down all your ideas, plans, and future projects, and revisit the list later to schedule the tasks in your weeks. Hide the list whenever you don’t use it. Reduce your stress, remember everything, and become more productive with the waiting list.

Integrate online planner with google calendar

Integrate online planner with Google Calendar

For all Bordio lovers who still have to use Google Calendar, whether it’s for shared work tasks, educational assignments, or to plan fun trips with friends, it is possible to integrate Google’s product straight into Bordio’s free online planner interface.

Integration is super easy and takes a few clicks. From then on, all Google Calendar events will appear in Bordio’s electronic planner, and if any change is made to them, it will also be instantly reflected in our planner. So there is really no reason to jump between two applications!

Invite external users to Bordio events

Invite external users to your Bordio events

Working with someone who doesn’t use Bordio’s free task organizer is easy (although, we don’t see why they would pass on the opportunity to work with our powerful solution!). You won’t need to use other tools to arrange a joint session.

If you need to invite a non-user of Bordio to your event, add their email to the participants’ list. Then this user will receive an invite that they can accept or decline, and also add the event to their Google Calendar. Once the user accepts the invite, you will see the green check mark next to their avatar.

Scroll the online planner infinitely for better planning

Sometimes looking at a standard Monday to Sunday week is not enough. Say, it’s Thursday, and you open your calendar with the thought of planning the start of the next week, but it requires you to go back and forth between two weeks, making the entire process tedious and tiresome.

Unlike the competition, Bordio’s schedule planner allows you to scroll your weeks left or right up and view up to one month from the current date, also enabling you to see weeks that start and finish with any day. This empowers users to plan upcoming tasks more strategically and conveniently. To scroll, simply use the mouse or laptop’s pad, or click on the button in the upper right corner.

Use quick navigation in the online planner

Use quick calendar navigation in the free online planner

In case you don’t want to scroll to find the date you need, use the quick navigation at the top of the calendar. There you get a month’s overview as well as an option to scroll through the months. And once you’re done with planning the future or reviewing past tasks, click the Today button on the calendar to take you back to the current date.

Use it whenever you need to schedule upcoming events that are still far off, block the time for vacations, or plan important projects and company events.

Customize the way your planner online looks

The best online planners empower you to be the best version of yourself. And sometimes it all falls down to things like the planners’ interface. Bordio is, by default, a minimalistic tool that only adds the features that users need and enjoy.

Whether you require to see more days at once, have a smaller screen, or just don’t want to see anything besides the columns with days, the weekly schedule planner has you covered. Simply hide some of the elements from the main view to give you the extra clean, sleek look. Users can hide the column with projects, tools, and the waiting list.

Prioritize your tasks and events in the online planner

List your tasks and events based on which ones you’ll tackle first

The tasks and events that you create in Bordio’s free online planner are not set in stone. Once created, they can easily be moved up and down in the day, or allocated to other days and weeks. Click on the item that you need to adjust and drag it to the right spot.

It is helpful for users with a dynamic schedule where responsibilities are often readjusted or reprioritized due to internal or external changes. We also recommend moving all completed tasks that are marked grey to the top of the day, so users can instantly understand what else is needed of them before the end of the day.

Repeats in the online planner

Set up recurring tasks and events to save time, remember commitments, and build habits

Recurring events are extremely easy to set up, and they have an immense influence on your goal achievement. With Bordio, you can schedule repeating tasks and events to run every day or workday, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Or you can customize them entirely to, for example, run every other week on Tuesdays and Fridays until December 2030. That way, you save time by not having to manually schedule the same tasks or events, and you won’t risk forgetting about them either.

Recurring tasks and events can be used for professional goals, such as regular catch-ups with the team to build rapport, or for personal things, for example, hobbies, habits, or chores. Add and remove them as required, and enjoy mental clarity where you don’t have to keep those tasks and events in the back of your mind.

Completed tasks in the online planner

View personal and shared projects’ completed tasks in the free online planner

Bordio offers a unique take on completed tasks that boost your productivity, help analyze your performance better, and become a more proficient planner. Unlike other planning solutions, Bordio doesn’t hide or remove completed tasks. Instead, it turns them grey and keeps them visible in the day.

This helps boost your motivation as you are not only seeing an endless list of to-dos but can also view your accomplishments. Additionally, you can review your days and weeks to see how well you’re doing and whether the workload that you’ve scheduled for yourself is realistic or not. Because if you always have many completed tasks but there are also plenty of unfinished ones hanging at the end of the day, you might rethink your priorities or consider delegation.

Set estimated time in the online planner

Manage your daily workload like a pro with time estimations

As you create a new task in Bordio, you can set up an estimated time that the said task will take. Events, by nature, always have time estimations. If you add and adjust time forecasts for all your tasks, you are able to view your entire day’s workload on the top of the calendar.

Workload estimation helps you stop the guessing game and allows you to see exactly how much time the work or personal tasks take you. Many of us constantly over- or underestimate how busy we are. Bordio allows you to know for sure. Use it for self-improvement or to report back to your team and management.

Coloe code your activities in the online planner

Color code your activities in the free online planner by Bordio

Choose colors from the built-in selection and assign them to specific types of activities. For example, mark all coding work as blue, sales calls as yellow, and personal chores as something else.

Use color coding to instantly spot what types of work await you for the day and review how well your time is spent. For example, if most of your days are filled with low-priority tasks, you might need to rethink how you plan your time.

Upgrade your meetings with Bordio online planner

Upgrade your meetings with the free online planner

Make sure each meeting you host or participate in is a success with meeting reminders and notes. Start by adding meeting reminders to all events that you schedule. Set it up at the time of the event, or 5-10-15-30 minutes before, or even make it pop up one day in advance. Help yourself and others to come prepared and on time.

Add agenda and description before or after the event. For pre-event notes, make sure you include all key information that participants need to be aware of prior to the meeting and list all action points that they need to take beforehand. For post-meeting notes, include the key summary with the main points that the team might want to revisit down the line.

Online planner mobile app

Stay productive 24/7 anywhere you are with a mobile app

Download the Bordio mobile app to access your online planner anywhere, anytime. The app replicates the web version’s functionality, so you don’t need to be at your desk to stay on top of your to-do list.

Work anywhere you like: create and track tasks, add notes, and write down ideas for the future. Never compromise your creativity and productivity. Keep up with your planned activities at any point in time with the mobile app.

Key benefits of using a free online planner by Bordio

Our online planner can turn your life around and make it so much better. Here’s how:

  • Adds clarity and structure to your life
  • Makes planning easy and fun
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • Tracks your time for you
  • Helps stay on top of important tasks
  • Gets you to your goals faster
  • Enables you to do more with your time
  • Simplifies work with the team