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How does Bordio’s time organizer work?
Bordio’s time organizer explained in 2 minutes
Complete projects in Bordio time organizer

Make every project a success with Bordio’s time organizer

Everyone is a project manager these days, you can’t prove otherwise. Whether we realize it or not, we all work on projects in our jobs or in our personal lives. That’s why Bordio’s time organizer includes project management functionality that anyone can use.

Launching and running projects with Bordio is easy. Users can focus on one project at a time or run multiple simultaneously. They can work on them alone or with someone. Everyone in the project team gets to see what others are working on and what their progress is. The Notes section provides a perfect place for key data that the entire team needs to have access to.

Workload tracking in time organizer

Track your workload with time estimations

Every task that you create in Bordio’s task organizer can include the estimated time it takes to complete it. If you add this information to every single task, you get an accurate number of hours that you’ve been productive.

If the task took a different time than you expected, the time estimation can be updated swiftly. With this information in your hands, planning for upcoming work projects will be much easier, as you’ll be able to predict how much time you need to finish the job based on the historic data.

Built-in backlog in time organizer

Use the waiting list to clear your brain from unscheduled to-dos

Relying on your brain to remember every little thing you need to do and every single idea you have is exhausting. Instead, dump them all on the waiting list and deal with them if and when you have the time.

When your creative ideas, worries, and random thoughts are written down somewhere, you subconsciously relax and focus better on the tasks at hand. This makes you more efficient and, therefore, allows you to get to those unscheduled items sooner.

Google calendar events in the time organizer

Use Google Calendar integration with Bordio’s time organizer

We are strong believers in using a single weekly schedule planner solution for everything. And if you have to use Google Calendar for one reason or the other, you can integrate it into Bordio’s interface for convenience.

The integration is very easy, and it enables you to see all Google events in your favorite interface. And if you have a contractor or a friend who is not using Bordio yet but is a part of your event, they can see all details in their Google Calendar through the integration too. To make it happen, add their email address to the list of participants and they’ll receive an invite to join the event. Once they accept, they’ll see it in their Google Calendar.

Create efficient tasks in the time organizer

Tasks play an important role in our productivity. They keep track of what needs to be done, helping us keep up with our obligations. Yet, how you create tasks can make or break your end result.

Manage tasks in the time organizer

Besides keeping all tasks in one schedule to ensure you don’t forget about something, it’s critical to make the task as precise and detailed as you can. With Bordio, users get to fully customize the tasks’ names, and the Description field can accommodate all important details, instructions, and helpful links.

ou can add time estimates to each task and know exactly how much you’re working. Time blocks will reserve the time on the schedule to ensure you complete everything before the deadline comes.

track completed to-dos

View and analyze completed tasks in the time organizer

Don’t ignore the tasks that you’ve already finished with. In Bordio, all completed tasks remain visible on the board and they are highlighted grey by the system to distinguish them from the pending tasks and events.

Review completed tasks to evaluate how much you’ve managed to cross off during the day and plan for future weeks and projects. Keep motivated by seeing your progress with the to-do list.

Keep your tasks and events together

Keep your tasks and events together in the time organizer

Many people don’t consider their to-do list when planning meetings and other events, and vice versa. If you keep tasks and events on separate apps, you are destined for a planning disaster.

Instead, have them both outlined in Bordio’s electronic planner and avoid failures or missed deadlines. We also encourage you to keep both professional and personal tasks and events on a single board because they intersect a lot.

Recurring events in the time organizer

Set recurring tasks and events to optimize time

One of the reasons to use a smart time organizer is to make the entire schedule planning more efficient. And automating repeating tasks and events is one of the important steps.

Recurring tasks or events that repeat regularly should not be added to the planner manually. Bordio’s daily schedule maker enables you to set standard (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) sequences, or you can have something reappear on weekdays only or go for a fully custom recurrence. Don’t waste your time on activities that don’t generate value – automate them and move on to something else.

Built-in time blocks in your organizer

Add time blocks to tasks and meet deadlines stress-free

We all plan our days with the intention to accomplish everything that we’ve listed. But sometimes it doesn’t work out, and we end up having to roll some tasks over to the next day, and it eventually snowballs into a real issue.

To prevent that, you can add time blocks to complex, time-consuming, or top-priority tasks. Time blocks range from 15 minutes to 10 hours, and you can add multiple blocks to the schedule. The idea is that you break the workload into smaller, more manageable chunks and work through them step by step, reaching the final result almost without noticing.

Organize tasks and events based on their urgency

Organize tasks and events depending on their urgency

Drag and drop your tasks and events in Bordio’s schedule maker to list them based on urgency, priority, or any other reason you prefer.

Listing your to-dos for the day based on their urgency is one of the most efficient ways to get stuff done. As Brian Tracy says, you just have to “eat the frog”, aka deal with the most critical and/or annoying task first. Once that’s out of the way – the rest of the day will feel like a vacation. Try this method for a few weeks, and you’ll see a dramatic change in your productivity.

Color code your tasks and events

Color code tasks, events, and projects

Add colors to your schedule builder and make working with it more fun. The color palette provided by Bordio includes selected soft colors that are not disturbing to the eye but help clearly differentiate between occupations, projects, and types of tasks.

Use color coding to see how much time you dedicate to each activity type and make changes whenever necessary. For example, if you wonder why your side hustle is not taking off, but the schedule shows that you only dedicate 30 minutes to it every other day, then the answer is right in front of you.

Change what interface elements you see in the time organizer

Flexibility and convenience are important values for Bordio and one of the ways we translate them into the way users can interact with the time organizer. Anyone can hide or show three elements of the product: the waiting list, the column with projects, and the column with tools.

This serves multiple purposes. First of all, those who are not using these features daily can hide them and avoid feeling distracted. Second, if you work on a laptop with a smaller screen, hiding the non-essential features gives you more space for the main board. Thirdly, sometimes we just need a change to boost our productivity.

Time organizer app free

Get the mobile app to stay productive and in control 24/7

Now, when so many people work remotely, have hybrid schedules, or do all of their work on the smartphone, relying on the PC or laptop to keep up with your to-dos is not efficient.

Bordio offers a robust mobile application that you can take anywhere and monitor the projects you oversee, add new tasks on the go, and check on events while you’re waiting on something.

Key benefits of using a time organizer by Bordio

The time organizer by Bordio has the power to improve your life greatly through:

  • Making your weeks more calm and structured
  • Helping you avoid stress caused by chaos
  • Turning planning into pleasure from a chore
  • Highlighting the priorities and making time for them
  • Enabling you to accomplish more each day
  • Keeping your mind clear and focused at all times