December 2022 Printable Calendar

December is a simultaneously exciting and terrifying month. There’s so much that needs to be done, yet so little time to do it all.

But worry not! If you feel disorganized, can’t keep up with the pace, or have it good in general but want to be more efficient, our free printable calendar for December 2022 is here to help.

Finish the year strong with the online calendar planner

Free printable calendars are great for planning and organizing your to-dos, but when the end-of-year craziness comes around, they might not cut it.

For next-level planning and scheduling, try Bordio’s online task tracker planner:

  • Color-code different activity types
  • Set custom notifications
  • Use a waiting list for unscheduled tasks
  • Write lengthy notes and comments on tasks
  • Edit and delete as much as you want

December 2022 Calendar Bordio

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With Bordio’s free project management tools, you’ll be able to create projects for your goals and set up a single online to-do list for all tasks, enabling you to work more efficiently and accomplish everything before the year ends or setting a solid foundation for the next year. It is also useful to do online team management using remote workforce management software and best remote collaboration tools if you have teams working remotely.

Free printable December 2022 calendar

Pick and download the printable December 2022 calendar in PNG or PDF format.

Note that you can download as many calendar templates as you’d like. You can also choose landscape or portrait orientation in your printer settings.

December 2022 calendar blank from Sunday (preview)
Download in PNG PDF
December 2022 calendar with notes from Sunday (preview)
Download in PNG PDF
December 2022 cute calendar from Sunday (preview)
Download in PNG PDF
December 2022 calendar with lines from Sunday (preview)
Download in PNG PDF
December 2022 free calendar from Sunday (preview)
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December 2022 calendar blank from Monday (preview)
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December 2022 calendar with notes from Monday (preview)
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December 2022 cute calendar from Monday (preview)
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December 2022 calendar with lines from Monday (preview)
Download in PNG PDF
December 2022 free calendar from Monday (preview)
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Stay tuned for 2023 free printable calendars.

How to use your printable December calendar

December is a month when many of us try to jump over our own heads. It’s not easy to juggle many things at once, but with the help of monthly calendars, we can truly surprise ourselves and reach heights that are impossible to imagine without organization and planning.

Below are some examples of how you can use your printable December 2022 calendar. Please feel free to get inspired, but also make sure that you prioritize the goals and events that make the most sense for you personally.

Event calendar

December is a month when everyone wants to catch up, meet for drinks and dinner, and host small events before the year ends.

It can be rather hard to keep up with everything that’s going on, so logging your personal events into the calendar can be a good idea.

That way, not only will you be more excited about navigating the hecticness of the twelfth month, but you will also guarantee that there are no double bookings.

Milestones to your goals

We like to talk about goal setting in Bordio, and you can find more about it in our Time Management and Productivity tips guides.

One of the smart ways to stay motivated about a goal is to set milestones – important steps and achievements along the way that are not a part of your KPIs. They help you feel more accomplished and see that you are moving in the right direction.

Tip: If you are a project manager or a busy professional, make sure you read the Project’s Milestones article for more detail.

Countdown to Christmas day

A fun and less serious way to use a printable December calendar is to count the days until Christmas.

Christmas day is not a holiday everyone celebrates, but you can do the countdown even if that’s not a significant holiday for you. Many people use Christmas as a way to get excited about an otherwise stressful, dark, and cold month of December.

Tip: Download a separate copy of the printable December calendar and make it your holiday calendar. Put it on the wall next to your corporate calendar or locate it in a different room in the house or office. For example, your calendar template with work and personal tasks can be hung in the office, and the one with the December holidays will fit nicely in your bedroom.

Track voluntary activities

December is also a month of giving back. If you are willing to volunteer and help those in need, sign up for activities and plan them in your monthly calendar.

Make the most of your December calendars

Calendars are powerful tools that can really elevate the way you deal with all your commitments. To do that though, you need to use the monthly calendar efficiently.

#1 Don’t overdo it

Make sure you have the important stuff logged on the calendar, and leave the minor tasks and goals for your digital Bordio calendar.

#2 Mix personal and work tasks

You need to be aware of both when planning, otherwise you’ll forget something or risk missing a deadline.

#3 Check your calendar every day

Have a quick look at the upcoming day and week to help you stay focused. Of course, you need action to complete your goals, but it is very important to have them in the back of your mind at all times too.

Avoid December burnout

The end of the year is the time when we get all excited about finishing whatever we’ve been working on in the previous months.

Sometimes it translates into us squeezing one too many things on our to-do list and burning out.

We don’t want that for you, so here are a couple of tips that you probably know but don’t follow vigorously:

  1. Find time to rest during the day. Working non-stop will only make you less productive and more likely to make a mistake.
  2. Treat your body right: sleep 7-8 hours, eat well, drink water, and move around more.
  3. Be kind to yourself. If something doesn’t get done in December, you’ll have time to work on it in January too!
  4. Prioritize your goals and tasks and work on the most important things first. Use our task prioritization guide for more tips.
  5. Build a healthy daily routine to help you power through the busy days.