September 2022 Printable Calendar

Did you know that back in the day, when humankind followed the Early Roman calendar, September used to be the seventh month of the year?

The word septem translates from Latin as “seven” to reflect that. There were also only 10 months in a year and it would start from March. Crazy, right?

Today, it’s hard to imagine September being anything other than the ninth month of the year.

September traditionally gives us a bitter-sweet feeling of summer ending, and in many countries, it is the start of the study season. Whatever you are up to this September, our printable calendars will help you make it happen.

Free September 2022 printable calendar in PDF

Download one of our printable monthly calendar templates for September 2022 and set yourself up for an eventful and fulfilling start to Autumn. Maybe it will even inspire you to start learning or sign up for a fitness challenge.

September 2022 calendar blank from Sunday (preview)
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September 2022 calendar with notes from Sunday (preview)
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September 2022 cute calendar from Sunday (preview)
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September 2022 calendar with lines from Sunday
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September 2022 free calendar from Sunday
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September 2022 Printable Calendar Blank From Monday (preview)
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September 2022 calendar with notes
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September 2022 cute calendar from Monday
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September 2022 free printable calendar from Monday (preview)
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September 2022 free calendar from Monday
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Our free printable calendars can be downloaded in PNG and PDF formats, you can pick a design with a dedicated notes section, or choose to add them sporadically, as well as week numbers, and anything else. In addition you can try using online options such as work management tools and time managment tools.

What to plan with September 2022 printable calendar

You know we couldn’t leave you hanging and not share a few ideas of how you can use our printable September calendar. The ninth month of the year is perfect for new beginnings, and here’s what you can do and plan for September 2022.

Get serious about your health

Health is wealth, we all know that. Yet, somehow we often manage to ignore our bodily needs and not take proper care of ourselves. It is in your power to change it this September, and let Bordio’s blank printable calendar help you with that.

  • Start walking every day and schedule longer walks every Sunday. Invite different friends to join you every week and get healthier together.
  • Make doctors’ appointments that you’ve been postponing and add those visits to your September 2022 calendar.
  • Find a sport that you like. Sign up for trial classes and figure out what activity is your favorite. Many people hate gyms. If you’re one of them, try tennis, basketball, running clubs, a swimming pool, and anything else you can find in your area.
  • Schedule events in your monthly calendars to cook something new and healthy. Make an event out of it – invite friends and organize an at-home impromptu cooking class.

Start a reading challenge

Reading is fun, calming, and healthy for all of us. Did you know that regular reading helps reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s? Start a reading challenge where you commit to reading one book a week.

Take your blank calendar for September 2022 and write down the book names on Monday or Sunday. Set yourself a monthly reminder in Bordio’s online calendar to go buy new books or borrow them from the library. Physical copies can help you stay motivated. And if you worry about cluttering your space, read our guide on How To Organize Books.

Tip: We have great reading lists prepared for you with Productivity Books, Time Management Books, and Project Management Books. And you also should try our tools for project management.

Learn something new

Continuous learning is another way to keep your brain stimulated and healthy. In addition to that, the ability to constantly learn new things is pretty much the main skill that modern life requires from us.

Here’s what you can plan and schedule in your September 2022 calendar:

  • A foreign language course. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn French or have been struggling with Spanish for years? Now is your time to shine!
  • A skill or knowledge needed for your job, for example, a coding language or a new photo editing software.
  • Something that can back you up on the promotion request, i.e. a leadership class for future managers.

More than just a birthday and holiday calendar

Bordio’s September 2022 printable calendar can be so much more than a place to look up someone’s birthdays. Use this monthly calendar (and Bordio’s yearly calendars) and other templates on our website to schedule important events, plan your goals, and track your good habits.

You can organize your blank calendars in multiple styles, choose the paper size that works best for your space and print it out freely. Download different September 2022 calendars’ styles and share them with your friends and colleagues.

Tip: Bordio digital calendar features notes section that you can use for extensive notes

We hope that our printable September calendars will set you up for an amazing rest of the year and 2023.