October 2022 Printable Calendar

October 2022 Calendar

October is the tenth month of the year now, but back in the day, when humankind followed the Early Roman calendar, October was the eighth month of the year. That’s why it’s called October with “octo” being a Latin word for “eight”.

While September signals the change of seasons and a shift into Autumn, it is October when many people feel the true change. In October, the weather really starts to feel different, and the seasonal change is apparent. While in the northern hemisphere October is autumnal, for the southern hemisphere this month falls in spring and feels like April.

Anywhere you are, the month of October is somewhat transitional and definitely inspiring to plan, act, and change.

Download October 2022 calendar by Bordio and make your goals and dreams come to life.

Free blank October 2022 templates in PDF

Pick and download one of the October 2022 printable calendar templates and use this powerful planning and goal-achieving tool to have the most successful October yet.

You can print Bordio’s blank calendar in portrait orientation or landscape orientation based on your preference. You can also get our yearly calendars to accommodate tasks that don’t fit into a monthly calendar. Not counting this also incredibly useful will be the use of online team management helpers, both for office work and remote team management.

October 2022 calendar blank from Sunday (preview)
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October 2022 calendar with notes from Sunday (preview)
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October 2022 cute calendar from Sunday (preview)
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October 2022 calendar with lines from Sunday (preview)
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October 2022 free calendar from Sunday (preview)
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October 2022 calendar blank from Monday (preview)
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October 2022 calendar with notes from Monday (preview)
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October 2022 cute calendar from Monday (preview)
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October 2022 calendar with lines from Monday (preview)
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October 2022 free calendar from Monday (preview)
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How to use your October 2022 calendar

When it comes to free printable calendars, use cases are endless.

You can utilize your blank printable October calendar in many ways. For example, use it to be your:

  • School calendar. Combine it with a college calendar or a university planner. A monthly calendar can be a visual display of your key priorities and deadlines with academics. For school, it will also be helpful to record to-do’s in a task tracker.
  • Holiday calendar. For anyone working with clients abroad, or just enjoying taking time off during public holidays, having major holidays on display will be handy and help plan accordingly. And with October calendars, it’s so fun to do the countdown until Halloween!
  • Vacation planner. Use Bordio’a calendar template as your travel planner. Mark the dates, add a monthly reminder to transfer some of your income into the holiday sinking fund, add key destinations and activities on the wall calendar and make it help you power through the tough times when you don’t feel motivated to work and hustle.
  • Work schedule. If you use Bordio, you already have an online calendar with a shared employee schedule for anyone on the team to see. Get our calendar template for things that are work-related, but the ones that you’d not necessarily log as a task or an event. In addition to this solution, you can also use the best collaboration tools for remote teams to plan your work.

Make the most of our free printable calendars

Simply printing out a blank calendar for October 2022 won’t make you more productive and fulfilled.

Just like any productivity or time management instrument, you need to interact with your printable calendar for the magic to happen.

For starters:

  1. Don’t make it a mess. Log key tasks and events to avoid visual clutter.
  2. Review your October 2022 calendar at least once a day. Have a look at what’s scheduled for today and what’s coming in the next weeks. It will help you be more strategic about how you spend your days.
  3. Bundle monthly calendars with online calendars. Online calendars, such as the one in Bordio, can offer useful tools that printable calendars lack. For example, reminders that will go off on your phone, or the ability to create time blocks to reserve the time for specific tasks.

What to plan with your free printable October calendars

The beauty of the monthly calendar is that you can do whatever you want with it. Below are a few suggestions from the Bordio team.

Northern hemisphere

If you are in the northern hemisphere, October is probably the 31 days before it gets super chilly and wet outside. Use this last semi-warm month to the max and plan outdoor activities, such as hikes, long walks, and group sports.

Very soon November will start, and you’ll want to stay at home more than ever. So how about scheduling weekly movie nights and picking movies that you’ve always wanted to see but never got round to it? Or maybe going with some classics instead for that feeling of comfort and nostalgia?

October is also a perfect time to study and learn too. Perhaps you started a course back in September? Make sure you complete it by continuing to log main events and assignment deadlines in your October 2022 calendar.

Southern hemisphere

If you are in the southern hemisphere, then October is a month when spring really starts to show. Days get longer and warmer, and it’s an exciting time to prepare for summer.

Very soon vacation season will start, so it’s a great time to wrap up some of the projects and tasks that you’ve been working on lately. Go through your to-dos in Bordio and try to complete as many as you can during October.

We don’t want you to get too stressed and overwhelmed, but by powering through this month, you will avoid delays and downtime associated with the summer season. And we want to stay productive all the time, right?

On a non-professional note, October is a great time for a big clean-out. Whether you consider it an end-of-year activity or a spring clean, anyone can benefit from it. And because big clean-ups and decluttering can feel like a jarring task, you can break it up into smaller tasks and schedule them in the printable calendar. Dedicate each week to a certain activity or specific room, schedule donation drop-offs, and plan DIY projects or schedule visits for professionals to finally fix that thing that hasn’t been working since 2018.