November 2022 Printable Calendar

November 2022 Calendar

November is the eleventh month in the modern Gregorian calendar. Back when the Roman calendar was used, November was the ninth month, so it was named after the Latin word “Novem” which stands for “nine”.

For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, November is traditionally a gloomy month when days are short and the weather is moody. In the southern hemisphere, it is the opposite with November being the prelude to the hot summer months. Wherever you live, it is worth it to plan out your month and track tasks, days, and events.

Plan your month with a digital calendar

Paper calendars can be a lot of fun and there is something unique about working with a physical calendar and using a pen to write things down, you can say that it is more about art and online time planners is for accessibility.

However, printable planners and calendars have their downsides that only an online tools for time management can beat:

  • Have notifications to remind you about important events.
  • Take the calendar with you anywhere without worrying about space.
  • Edited or delete as often as you want without damage to the calendar’s layout.
  • Write lengthy notes that will still fit in the digital calendar.
  • Switch from monthly to weekly planner and daily planner views.

If you’d like to give it a try, Bordio’s digital calendar and work management platforms is here for you!

November 2022 Calendar Bordio

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Free printable calendars for November 2022

Pick and download one of the November 2022 calendar templates by Bordio and use it as your ultimate planning and goal-achieving tool.

You can print multiple monthly calendars in portrait or landscape orientation, depending on your preferences or space arrangements.

November 2022 calendar blank from Sunday (preview)
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November 2022 calendar with notes from Sunday (preview)
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November 2022 cute calendar from Sunday (preview)
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November 2022 calendar with lines from Sunday (preview)
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November 2022 free calendar from Sunday (preview)
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November 2022 calendar blank from Monday (preview)
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November 2022 calendar with notes from Monday (preview)
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November 2022 cute calendar from Monday (preview)
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November 2022 calendar with lines from Monday (preview)
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November 2022 free calendar from Monday (preview)
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Additionally, get our yearly calendars to plan and work on goals that are a bit too much for a monthly calendar.

How to use your November 2022 calendar

November is the eleventh month of the year and the last chance to complete the vital work and other projects before the December craziness unravel.

Here is a couple of ideas for you to get inspired.

National holiday calendar

The first and the most obvious way to fill in your calendar is to add major holidays.

For the US, the biggest November holidays would be Veterans Day which honors United States armed forces veterans (always the Tuesday after first November’s Monday), Thanksgiving Day (the fourth Thursday), and Native American Heritage Day (the day after Thanksgiving).

You can also add fun holidays, such as Book Lovers Day on November, 6th or International Merlot Day on November, 7th. It’s a good idea to add holidays that your loved ones and key clients celebrate too.

University calendar

You can use the calendar template to log your university and college activities too. November is the period when many schools have midterms and papers due, so it would benefit all students to keep track of their educational deadlines using one of Bordio’s free printables.

By the way, if you struggle with working on your studies or feel like you can’t learn anything, check out our How To Learn Faster guide to study smarter, not harder.

Work projects

Calendars help us plan ahead. And what better time to plan ahead than November? The last month of the year is always busier and crazier than we imagine, so the more you can do in advance the better.

Just remember to keep it sustainable – it won’t really help if you burn out in November trying to avoid the December burnout.

Tips for productive calendar use

Hanging up your printable November calendar on the wall won’t automatically make you more productive and put together. There’s extra work that would be required on your end.

Below are some of the tips that can make your month of November a success you’ve never seen before.

#1 Keep it tidy

It’s not going to help you stay organized and get things done if your November calendars are a mess. Try to keep it clean and minimal, so that you can use it as a proper planning instrument.

#2 Mix it up with digital calendars

Free printable calendars are great. They are physically in your space, so they’re harder to ignore. They make your work area more put together. They serve as an extra tool on your way to better productivity and time management.

However, they have their limitations too, the biggest one being that they can’t be with you 24/7 unless you print it extra small and carry it around.

That’s where digital calendars, like Bordio, come into play. Digital calendars are easy to update, and they have handy notifications that are popping up on your screen.

Together, printed and digital calendars are a powerful duo that allows you to conquer whatever plans you have set up for yourself.

Tip: Bordio is not a simple digital calendar. It is personal productivity, team, and project management software that has a lot to offer. Use it to log all your tasks on the waiting list to work on them later, plan work sessions for specific tasks with time blocks, and view your team’s workload and what they are up to during the days.

#3 Look at your free printable calendar every day

Although it seems obvious, not everyone reviews and checks their calendar every day.

If you don’t, you risk forgetting about a commitment, missing the deadline, or falling behind on your goals and dreams. And why would you do that after you went through all the trouble of working with the calendar at the beginning?

You don’t have to meticulously study your calendar, but a quick glance can help you keep your long-term vision in mind and focus on important things when you feel sluggish or demotivated.