Printable Weekly Calendar Template

Printable weekly calendar

A week is a time period that often gets overlooked. We either focus on a day (hoping to make the next 24 hours the most productive and revolutionary) or concentrate on a month that looks like an adequate time frame for the change to happen and for goals in the task trackers to be achieved. 

Yet a week is a perfect period for getting things done and improving ourselves too. A lot can happen in the span of 7 days, or 5 days if we’re only counting the weekdays. 

Today we are presenting you with the free weekly calendar printables that you can download and start planning your weeks, using it together with online weekly schedule maker.

Horizontal weekly calendar printable templates

Download weekly free printable calendar templates in a horizontal orientation to work on your week, plan your time, and achieve your goals.

Choose one or several printable weekly planner templates from our selection and see your life transform as you integrate this awesome productivity instrument into your routine.

Blank Weekly Calendar Template
Download in PNG PDF
Printable weekly calendar template
Download in PNG PDF

Vertical weekly calendar printable templates

These weekly free printable calendar templates are in vertical orientation and can serve well for more narrow spaces. You can also glue them into your notebook and carry them around with you. 

Hang your weekly planner template in a calendar view on the fridge, on the wall by the home desk, or bring it to your office.

Vertical weekly calendar template
Download in PNG PDF
Free weekly calendar template
Download in PNG PDF

Make use of digital weekly calendars and printable templates

Paper calendars and planners are great. They’re nice to feel in your arms and work with. However, they can be less effective than their digital counterparts such as Bordio’s eschedule planner and virtual planner app

An online calendar planner can be:

  • Carried with you 24/7 on your smartphone.
  • Scheduled to send you notifications.
  • Easily edited or updated even for existing tasks or events.

A weekly planner online, such as Bordio, can be the backbone of your planning. Printable calendars can be the supportive tool to use with advanced online planner that lives in your physical space and enables you to stay on track. And if you work remotely with a team, remote employee management software is the way to go.

Digital weekly calendar by Bordio

Give Bordio’s modern schedule builder a try – create projects (work or personal), write down the key steps and milestones, assign tasks and events, and get started! 

Also, make sure you use time blocks for tasks you work on. Time blocks are essentially time reservations during your week that ensure you have time to work on tasks you’ve scheduled in time organizer app.

For example, you have a task to review the code your developers wrote last week. If you estimate that this process will take you 3 hours, you create a task in your calendar, and you create two 1,5-hour time blocks somewhere during the week. 

Once you’re done with a time block, you click Complete. Your task can only be completed when every time block assigned to it is finished. Also, for what purposes at work would it be convenient to use a work management solution.

Weekly planners with a to-do and habit tracker

If you are on the hunt for a little bit more than a simple weekly calendar PDF, here is a weekly planner without dates but with dedicated sections for weekly goals, your top priorities for the week, a habit tracker, and a to-do list. 

Weekly calendar template for print
Download in PNG PDF
Printable Weekly Calendar template free
Download in PNG PDF

This free weekly calendar planner makes sure you get your work done and prevents you from neglecting the truly important stuff. Habit tracker gamification will make adopting new habits more fun. The weekly goals section will keep you focused and help come to the end of the week feeling accomplished. 

The next week section can be used for tasks that you don’t want to forget, but also don’t want to work on during the current week. Use it to write things down, but don’t forget about Bordio’s digital Waiting List.

The Waiting List can accommodate all of the pending tasks, goals, and chores, and schedule them into your digital calendar easily.  

Weekly hourly planner

These weekly schedule templates are perfect for those who require a by-the-hour drop-down, such as project managers with many meetings and a busy schedule, a professor with all-day-long lectures, or a parent with tight kids’ schedules.

Download printable weekly calendars with an hourly structure and become the master of time management.

Hourly weekly calendar template
Download in PNG PDF
Printable Hourly Weekly Calendar
Download in PNG PDF

Why is it important to plan your week?

Some think that planning their days and weeks is excessive. Others see it as a cage that doesn’t let them be creative or spontaneous. 

As you can imagine, we strongly disagree with both those notions! 

Planning, contrary to popular belief, allows you to be more fun, do spontaneous things, and be a more fulfilled individual. 

Planning adds structure and clarity to our lives. People who plan are less overwhelmed and anxious compared to their peers who choose to go with the flow.

When you are aware of exactly what needs to be done, and you are working towards those things step by step, you end up feeling better and having more time. 

Let’s have an example of studying.

Many students find themselves pulling all-nighters before the exam or canceling plans because they forgot they have this 30-pager due in a few days.

Those students who are organized, end up studying in advance for their exams, not compromising their sleep, and they are even able to attend social gatherings during the exam period because they’ve worked hard, and they know they will get back to studying tomorrow. 

When your life is balanced (meaning you don’t spend 16 hours in a library for 4 days straight), you feel better, both physically and emotionally. You have more energy to stay healthy and do the things that bring you joy. 

Tip: Go to Bordio’s website for more planning content, such as free weekly templates, yearly calendar PDFs, and monthly calendar templates, and a large knowledge base with expert articles and guides on productivity, time management, and more.

Make your week more productive with printable weekly calendar template

Before we sign off and let you go have fun with our free weekly calendar templates, here are a couple of tips we’d like to share to help your week get even better. 

#1 Set goals

You will get somewhere even without goals, but you might not like the final destination. Stay in control of your life, set goals, and work on them every day, week, and month. 

#2 Learn to prioritize

Prioritize your tasks, goals, time, or anything! There’s not enough energy to work through everything you’ve ever thought of, so instead select the key priorities and make sure they get done before anything else. 

#3 Be realistic with your to-dos

As we said in the previous point, your energy is not infinite. Don’t get carried away when writing a to-do in your printable weekly calendar, only to feel like a failure when the end of the week arrives, and you barely worked through a third of it. 

Tip: Use the online to-do list by Bordio to log all the tasks that might not fit into your printable weekly planner templates.

#4 Avoid distractions

Do your best to identify and avoid distractions that cause you to be less productive. For the majority of us, the common distractions are notifications, colleagues and friends that step by to chit-chat, and digital or physical clutter (such as 50 browser tabs open at the same time or a messy desk). 

#5 Review your calendar template printables every day

Whether you use an online daily planner or work with weekly printable calendars, review them every day. This will keep you inspired and also remind you of what you’ve planned earlier. Life gets hectic very easily, so unless you monitor and track your progress, it is easy for some things to slip your mind.

#6 Embrace change

Sometimes we lay out a beautiful plan for the week, but then everything goes terribly wrong and we end up working on completely different things, living our original weekly to-do list essentially untouched.

While it is frustrating, change is inevitable in our personal and professional lives. The more adaptive we become, and the less stressed we get about the change, the more efficient we can be with the backlog.

#7 Know what to move to the next week and what to drop

We’ve mentioned the change in the previous point. Change leads to us not completing everything we intended and rescheduling for the next week.

As you do that, don’t simply copy-paste the tasks, but review them first. Ask yourself – do I really need to do that? Is it contributing to my goals and long-term success?

Sometimes it’s worth forgetting it altogether instead of scheduling certain things over and over again, only to feel miserable each time you see them in your free printable weekly calendar template.

Motivational quotes to get you inspired to plan

The greatest minds of their generations appreciate planning and staying organized. Below are some of our favorite quotes to help you stay motivated and energized.

  • A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power, – Brian Tracy
  • A goal without a plan is just a wish, – Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • Plan your work and work your plan, – Napoleon Hill
  • For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today, – African Proverb
  • The man who is prepared has his battle half fought, – Miguel De Cervantes
  • By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail, – Benjamin Franklin
  • A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow, – George S. Patton