Printable Goal-Setting Templates

Printable goal setting templates

Goal setting is important because it creates a plan and a structure that allows us to improve and accomplish what we want. Without goal setting, not using a best task trackers we are much less likely to become the people that we want to be. 

When you read about productivity tips, almost every article and expert talks about goal setting as the best tool to stay focused and get the work and tasks, set in the schedule calendar maker, done. 

Goal setting can be intimidating and it’s not always clear what you need to do to set yourself up for success. Bordio’s free goal-setting worksheets in PDF are facilitators that will lead you to accomplished goals and a more fulfilled life. 

Career goal-setting worksheets

Here you will find our downloadable goal-setting worksheets for your career.

We strongly encourage you to think about multiple goals, for example from your weekly schedule makers that you can fit into the goal worksheet. It’s important to focus on several things in the modern work field, otherwise, you risk losing relevance as a professional.

Career Goal Setting Worksheet Printable
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Printable Career Goal Setting Template
Download in PNG PDF

Make sure to read the detailed guide on staying organized at work and use the best project management tools to be an even better employee or manager.

Personal goal-setting templates

Career goal setting is important, but so is personal development. Make sure you remain on track with personal life goals, do online planning and stay motivated to spend time working on what matters to you individually.

Personal goal setting worksheet preview
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Printable Goal Setting Template Preview
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Want to get inspired?

Check out these examples of good habits and work on those that you find relatable. Just remember to set realistic goals and keep it slow. Focus on fewer goals at a time to prevent burnout.

Digital calendar planner to empower your goal setting

Setting goals is the first step toward success. The hardest part though is to keep pushing day by day to make your goal a reality. 

Once you’re done with the goal-setting worksheet, sign up for Bordio to plan and be productive. Bordio offers a free weekly planner that doubles as a daily planner too. 

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Additionally, you have access to the waiting list where all your unscheduled tasks and ideas can be stored. Events and tasks are managed through a single console, plus you can create projects and work on them via the same app. Take advantage of the best time planner and simple daily schedule maker.

And if you struggle with deadlines, create additional time blocks for tasks and place them in your calendar to reserve time for important work. 

Minimalist goal-setting worksheets

Pick a free printable goal worksheet with a minimalist design and don’t let distractions stop you from moving forward.

Minimalist Goal Setting Worksheet
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Minimalist goal setting template printable preview
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Weekly goal-setting templates

The free weekly goal-setting templates PDFs are the best option for short-term goals.

Weekly goal setting worksheet preview
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Weekly goal setting template printable preview
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Tip: Read our article about ways successful people plan their days. Perhaps that will inspire you to work with free goal-setting templates even harder. And also simple virtual planner can be helpful in goal-setting, so check it right after reading.

Monthly goal-setting worksheets

Here you will find the monthly goal-planning worksheets.

Monthly PDFs are very powerful because a lot can happen in a month, so if you set a life goal and stay consistent, putting in the work over the next 30/31 days, you have a very real chance of changing the trajectory of the entire year.

Monthly goal setting worksheet Preview
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Monthly goal-setting template for print
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Tip: Bordio’s online calendar planner has all the space in the world to detail your monthly targets, goals, and chores. For teams for these goals we can recommend online project management tool by Bordio. With the printable worksheet, focus on the core goals and keep it short to prevent visual clutter. 

Monthly worksheets are helpful if you want to stay productive at home, both working and in leisure time. 

SMART goal-setting worksheets

Who said a goal planner can’t be based on a productivity technique?

The following free goal sheets center around the SMART goal-setting philosophy. Use them to plan work and personal goals, and make sure you set achievable goals that align with your long-term vision.

SMART goal-setting worksheet
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SMART goal setting template printable
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Definition of a goal

A goal is something that you are trying to achieve. It is the desired outcome that you are working towards.

Some goals in your online to-do list can be big and challenging, such as speaking a new language fluently, while others can be smaller and less demanding, for example, finishing the War and Peace by Tolstoy. 

The terms “goal” and “objective” are often used interchangeably.

Yet, there is a conceptual difference between the two. Goals can be grand and intangible, whereas objectives are always measurable and precise. Objectives are often set on the way to achieving the bigger goals. 

What are SMART goals?

Several worksheet templates that we’ve provided today feature SMART goals. Let’s look at the basics of SMART goals in case you haven’t heard about them before.  

The SMART goals formula is believed to originate from the 1980s and it was created in an attempt to make goal setting more efficient and help more people reach their goals. 

The acronym SMART stands for: 

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

The successful goal doesn’t sound like “I want to speak Chinese”.

If we apply the SMART formula to it, we will get something like this: 

  1. I want to be able to conduct business meetings in Chinese (Specific)
  2. Reaching upper intermediate level in language courses and switching from English to Chinese at work (Measurable)
  3. I have enough resources and mental capacity to go to classes and my colleagues can practice with me at work (Achievable)
  4. Chinese language is required for my work and will help me progress with my career (Relevant)
  5. I have 9 months before the new office in China will be opened and I’ll go there on a business trip (Time-bound)

Every aspect of SMART goals is important.

However, if we had to choose, we’d probably say that Measurable and Time-bound elements are the most important. You’ll need to work hard to achieve your goals, and if they’re not measurable or time-bound, there’s a much higher chance that you will be demotivated and/or start to procrastinate.

Expiration dates together with clear milestones empower you to be more organized and focused and progress with goals faster. 

Tips to reaching your goals

Goal setting and achieving are something we can work on for our entire lives. There is always room for improvement, and the more goals we set and reach, the more experience we get that can be incorporated into future processes.

We created a list of tips that will help you save some time and avoid common mistakes when working with goals. Apart from this to save time you can also take the help of startup marketing companies in your business.

Think big, start small

Challenging and out-of-this-world goals are amazing. Most of the progress in human history happens because people were dreaming big. However, it can be a disservice to yourself to create those big, intimidating plans and aim straight for them. Especially if you’re not very experienced with goal-setting. 

The issue with big goals is that they seem out of reach and it’s easy to think that we’re never going to get there, so it doesn’t even make sense to try.

So, have your great vision in mind, but set yourself mini-goals that will take less time and effort to achieve. As you’ll be crossing them out, you will move towards your main goal, but you won’t be as stressed about it. 

Tip: Time management can help you squeeze in more activities even on the busiest days and keep it sustainable. Make sure to read about the best time management tips that our team has put together and try to implement team management system for work. With those tips, you will conquer all your goals, big or small. 

Make sure the goals are truly yours

With the rise of social media, we are immersed in other peoples’ lives like we never have done before. One of the bad sides of this cultural shift is that we are heavily influenced by others in all areas of our lives.

It becomes hard to distinguish whether the goal we’re trying to achieve is actually ours, or if we saw it online and had FOMO. 

And don’t get us wrong – it’s perfectly fine to be inspired by others. But there is a point where it becomes damaging to our own lives. For example, you see someone running marathons and suddenly decide that you want to be a runner too. But unless you have this intrinsic desire, having to run will only add anxiety and annoyance to your daily life. 

Make your goals visible

A lot of New Year resolutions end up forgotten simply because we write them down somewhere and never see them again. The same happens with any other goal. If you don’t see it – it doesn’t get achieved.

So find a place in your home or office where you can put the goals and view them every day or at least once a week. Alternatively, make it a habit to open your notes and check your goals.

You might think it’s useless, but if you review your goals regularly, you will subconsciously make more effort to achieve them. 

Prioritize your goals

The intention is good but the action is better.

Learn the art of prioritization when working with goals and tasks. Not all goals are equally important, and we need to learn to make hard choices because our energy is not infinite.