Printable To-Do List Templates

To-do list templates

Do you like working with to-do lists and using task organizer app? Or perhaps you’re curious but have never tried it before? 

Either way, you’re at the right place! Here, we are sharing selected Bordio’s to-do list templates in PDF that will make you more organized, less stressed, and a step closer to your goals. 

Free printable to-do list template in PDF format

Here are all the printable to-do list layouts that we’ve prepared for you. Scroll through the to-do list templates, browse the options, pick the design that aligns with your aesthetic preferences, download the pdf file (get as many copies as you’d like), print it, and start using the to-do list today. 

Also, don’t forget to share our printable templates with your friends and family! Let’s make this world a little less chaotic and a little more enjoyable for loved ones. 

Weekly printable to-do list templates

A week is a good timeframe for planning. It’s not too long, it’s not too short. There’s so much you can accomplish in the span of 7 days. And unlike with monthly planning, you have much better chances to stay motivated from day one up until the last day of the week. 

Pick a weekly checklist template that speaks to you, write down your weekly to-do list there, and start working through it today.

Weekly Printable To Do List Template
Download in PNG PDF
Cute to do list template
Download in PNG PDF
Blank to do list template for print
Download in PNG PDF
Printable to do list
Download in PNG PDF

What’s even better than printable to-do lists? Digital planners with online to-dos!

At Bordio, we love working with printable templates. They make us feel cozy and nostalgic, and the act of crossing out tasks with a pen or pencil is extremely satisfying. 

Yet what is even better – is working with an online to-do list because:

  • It has unlimited space and we can make as many notes, and log as many meetings as we need.
  • The to-do list in the online task tracker is always with us 24/7 – right there on our PCs and smartphones.
  • We don’t have to worry about fitting the extra piece of paper in our bag.
  • Editing is simple and instant – don’t worry about erasing pen notes ever again.

Bordio is an online calendar planner that allows users to create tasks, events, and projects all in the same interface. Log backburner tasks in the waiting list, create time blocks for tasks to ensure the work gets done, and review completed tasks to understand your progress. So we do recommend trying easy online planner by Bordio. Moreover there are a lot of different tools for daily schedule making such as digital project management tools and time manager system.

April 2023 Calendar

Another cool thing is that Bordio doubles as a daily planner and a weekly planner, giving you the flexibility you need to structure your days. 

Daily printable to-do list templates

Daily planning is equally as important as having a weekly to-do list. What we do every day defines what kind of lives we live. So download these free to-do list templates and make every day count!

Daily to do list template
Download in PNG PDF
Printable to do list daily template
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Simple printable to-do lists

Sometimes what we need is a minimalist printable checklist template with no extra sections to distract our focus from the task list. If that’s your situation, then the following to-do list templates are exactly what you need. 

Simple printable to do list
Download in PNG PDF
To-do list template
Download in PNG PDF
Printable to-do list templates
Download in PNG PDF
Todo list for print
Download in PNG PDF

Tackling your printable to-do list like a pro: key tips

Before you start going through your to-do list PDF and sorting out the tasks, make sure to read the tips that our team came up with based on personal and expert experience. Consider all this will be convenient through remote working collaboration tools

Sometimes, the smallest things make the biggest difference, and the little changes to your process can multiply productivity. 

Write it down!

The mental load that we carry can be immense. Because we try to remember everything and keep multiple areas of our lives simultaneously under control, it can be very tiring and difficult for our brains. As a result, we are more stressed and prone to anxiety. 

Do yourself a favor and write all daily tasks and chores down. You can do it in the waiting list of Bordio’s online calendar planner, phone notes, or use a paper notebook. 

Some people only write down work tasks, but we are strong believers in logging everything – from kid’s hockey practice to monthly sales reports – all tasks are a part of your life, and they all have to be dealt with in the same 24 hours, so it only makes sense to have everything in one place. That way, you’ll be able to properly manage your time and workload and end the day on a high note. 

Tip: Try to have just one daily or weekly to-do list with all the tasks, otherwise you’ll end up forgetting about half of your responsibilities. 

Once you’ve written everything down, go through the list and see what should be put in your free printable to-do list, and what should wait for another time. 

Priorities, priorities, priorities

Even if you are the most efficient person in the world, you won’t have time for everything during the day. It means that you must prioritize your task lists and identify the most important tasks that are not just urgent. 

It is a tricky job because it’s not always clear what really benefits us and what just seems like an important task. If unsure, look at the weekly to-do list and ask yourself: would this task get me closer to my goals? If the task is urgent, but the answer to this question is No, then you might want to re-think your take on it. 

One of the most popular and beloved tools for task prioritization is the Eisenhower Matrix which divides tasks based on their urgency and importance. 

Start with it to identify the priority tasks, and do your best to eliminate and delegate the ones that don’t really help you. 

Plan for rest

Not scheduling the rest is a common mistake that many, even experienced productivity enthusiasts make. 

Remember: taking rest is productive. 

Think of Olympic champions – none of them train non-stop. They know that only with regular rest and recovery can they improve their physical state and get that gold medal. And we are not very different from elite sportsmen. All of us need rest to re-calibrate and prepare for future tasks. 

Tip: Successful people plan their days differently. Get inspired by reading our article on the topic and checking recent interviews and podcasts with people you admire. 

No matter how busy you think you are, take breaks every few hours. They don’t have to be lengthy or special. A simple walk around the block, nutritious lunch, or 20 minutes of quiet time on the sofa can do wonders for how you feel. 

Always schedule breaks in your planner templates and see how the quality of your life improves over time.

Learn to automate and delegate

Can you do it all? Yes. Do you need to do it all? Nope!

There’s nothing wrong with getting help and unloading some of the workloads to another person. 

Think of things you do during the day, especially repetitive tasks. Can they be optimized? For example, if you spend 5 hours cleaning your house every week, is it worth hiring a cleaning service, so that you can work or rest during that time? Or perhaps you spend hours working on a report but a software product can do that in 2 minutes for you? 

Tip: If you can’t automate it, maybe you can organize it. Putting everything in order will help you greatly too. Check out Bordio’s guides on Organizing A Home Office, your Gmail, and Bookmarks. 

Life does not have to be a struggle all the time. It’s okay to make it easier for yourself. The less stressed you are, the more creative you become. And with creativity comes prosperity – financial, emotional, and physical. 

Explore other productivity tools out there

With Bordio’s digital free schedule planners, online free task planners and printable to-do lists, you are already off to a good start. However, research and stay curious about the free online tools out there. For example, there are many Pomodoro apps or playlists that help you structure your day and work in timed sessions.