Manage your Teamwork
on one single board

Bordio is an online software for effective time management, week planning,
task tracking and scheduling

Platform is available in Beta now.
How it works
Bordio explained in 2 minutes

Schedule tasks and events on a specific day in the calendar

Forget about the huge to-do lists with hundreds of tasks. Bordio allows you to schedule tasks and appointments right in the online calendar planner and have a shortlist of your activities for every single day.

Set due date and estimates

Plan your tasks like a pro in the free schedule builder. Select due dates and create task estimations for better time management. Compare estimated versus actual completion time to get better at future planning.

Choose different colors for different types of activities

Set unique colors for each hobby, work project, kids’ commitment, or anything else. Use color coding for an instant overview of your schedule. See what activities occupy most of your time and make necessary changes in the daily planner.

Complete tasks and events when you finish them

Once you’ve completed all time blocks and the task or event is over, mark it complete in your online to-do list. This little ritual will help you feel accomplished and celebrate your productivity. Completed tasks are marked grey, so you can easily identify and separate them from the rest.

Create tasks in the waiting list and schedule them later

If you have tasks that should be done someday later, put them on the waiting list and focus on today’s work. In our online schedule planner the waiting list is temporary storage for tasks until you schedule them on a specific day.

Get reminded of the upcoming event or appointment.

Set custom notifications about events, tasks, and appointments that will go off when it is most convenient for you. Never forget about or miss the commitment again with the best task planner. Use reminders to stay on top of your personal and professional lives.

Create private projects and manage them easily

Working on something that should stay private for now? No problem! Bordio supports private projects that you can conveniently manage along with your other commitments. Once you are ready, share the project with anyone you’d like. Bordio is not like other project management tools, seriously!

Plan your week in advance

Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution. Bordio allows you to schedule tasks and appointments in advance and set the right order for all activities. It’s like a digital daily planner, but better.

Check what you have already done today and in previous days

Have you ever noticed tasks disappearing after completion in other task management tools? Not on our watch! Bordio displays all completed tasks in the weekly planner, so you can check what tasks were completed today or on any other day.

Manage your to-dos
wherever you are

Imagine that your daily planner is always in your pocket. You can take a phone and open your free schedule maker to see what is the work progress anytime, anywhere. Keep control of your life even when you’re out of the office.

Integrate with the
tools you already use
Bordio combines everything into one single platform. You don’t have to switch between multiple tools anymore.