Hey! I know you were looking for a printable October calendar... But we have something better for you - a Digital calendar

P.S. You can still download the printable version down below 👇🏻

Why a Digital calendar is better?

Can be used on
Desktop and Mobile
Syncs your tasks & events
across all your devices
There is a waiting list for
not yet scheduled tasks
Set reminders for the
upcoming events
Move your to-dos to another
day if you haven't finish them
Create projects and share
them with your teammates

Just watch a 2 min video to see how it works

Give it a try! We promise you will not regret it.
Bordio is 100% free for private use. No limits, no credit cards.

Still want to download the printable version?
Okay... But keep in mind:

1. If you write something down on paper, it can be lost or damaged (your dog can eat it). All your written notes (to-dos) can disappear one day.

2. You can forget your printed paper at home (or somewhere else) and come to work without a written plan. Have you ever been in that situation?

3. Whenever you write something down on paper, you can't change it or rephrase it. In Digital planner, you simply click "edit" and change the text.

4. You can't move text when it's written on paper. You can't rearrange tasks or events and put them in another order. In a digital planner, it can be done in just 2 clicks.

5. You can't share your printer paper with your family, friends or teammates. But if you create a project in a digital planner, all of you can work together.

6. Think about the environment. We cut down around 15 billion trees each year. A part of those trees is being used to produce paper. Is it a necessity to print this document on paper? We're sure you can use a digital planner and save the trees for future generations.

I don't care about our planet and acknowledge these risks.
Download the printable version anyway